How to Know If You’re Making the Right Decision (2019)

Not sure if you’re making the right decisions in your life? Below are some tell-tale signs that you’ve chosen the right path.

Life is filled with decisions. Every moment of every day we are making different choices. We choose what we wear every day, what we eat, and what we say.

When making the simple decisions in life we find it easy to recognize when we’ve made the right or wrong one.

Say you chose to wear a dress to work one day. Then, you step outside and it’s freezing out. You know you made the wrong decision.

You decide to tell your co-worker what you think of their new haircut. They smile and thank you. Congratulations- you made the right decision.

The immediate response from the environment around you serves as the indicator for whether or not you made the right or wrong decision.

How to Know When You’re Making the Right Decision- 4 Tell-Tale Signs

What about those big decisions? Ending or beginning a relationship, starting a new career or quitting your job all together, or starting a family. How do we know if we make the right choice in these situations?

My first thought is to say that you can’t know if they’re right unless you can tell the future. Until the other day when something happened that made me realize that the big decision I recently made was most definitely the right one.

Recently I made the frightening decision to quit my job. Why is this so frightening? Because I do not have anything solid lined up to go to next.

I’m also currently living in California, on the complete other side of the country from my family and friends, meaning I have to move my entire life cross-country for the second time in the past 6 months.

Every time I think about that I feel like a train wreck and wonder if I’m making the right choice. Until I go to work, go through the motions, come home, and pray that time goes fast until it’s time to go to sleep because I just want every day to end.

I’m here to share with you the 4 signs that showed me that I made the right decision.

Enjoyment is No Longer Enjoyable

We were running an event at work the other day that was a huge success. Normally this would make me very excited and think “this is why I do what I do.” This time was different. That thought never crossed my mind. I just kept waiting for the day to be over even though I was doing something that would normally fuel my fire.

Maybe your dates with your significant other that you normally look forward to are started to seem like a chore. This is one sign that ending the relationship was the right thing to do.

Or maybe you’re on the other side of things and you are no longer enjoying your time alone. Asking that girl on a date was the right thing to do.

Excitement Turned into Exhaustion

Let’s keep this one simple. If you have found that you are exhausted from having to “get excited” to go to work, hang out with your significant other, or any other daily activity that should bring you joy and you’ve decided to stop that cycle, then you’ve made the right decision.

Uncertainty Does Not Trigger Anxiety

To leave a solid situation without setting the foundation for my next step is completely out of character for me. However, the uncertainty of what is to come next does not give me a constant pit in my stomach. Yes, I have my freak-out moments, but those are very fleeting.

Instead I experience more comfort in the fact that what’s next is up to me- and it’s anything but what I’m currently doing.

When the thought of staying in your current situation brings you more anxiety than the thought of removing yourself from that state, you know you’ve made the right decision.

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

When making any decision, I like to align it with my top three priorities: health, relationships, and career. If taking on a new task or starting a relationship would compromise my health, jeopardize any other relationships I had, (friends, family,etc) or deter me from my career goals I would not commit.

What are yours? If where you are now in life does not enhance your priorities, or worse, compromises them and you have taken the steps to remove yourself from your situation, then you know you’ve made the right decision.

You Did it Because you Wanted to

Not because you thought it was what you “should do.” Not because you felt that it was morally right. Simply because you felt in your heart that this was what you needed to do to be happy.

Are you fully happy with your life? What big decisions have you made lately? If you haven’t made any kind of change, take a chance to move closer to your happiness. I can guarantee you that once you do, you will see these signs appear in your life as well.

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