How to Choose a Book Topic

How to Choose a Book Topic


As you may know, I’ve written more than 80 books, so I know a little bit about what it takes to plan, write, and publish a book. But a question that I hear quite often is, “how do you decide what to write an entire book about?”

Choosing a book topic may seem daunting, but the simple solution is to look inward. Ask yourself, “What unique message do I have that other people could benefit from?” This is a key starting point.

Tips to Brainstorm Book Topics

Writing a book can be a long process, so you must make sure you are writing about a topic that truly interests you and that you are passionate about it and will also be beneficial for other people. Otherwise, you’ll be writing a book that no one will want to read.

1. Influential Moments

First, reflect back on some of the most influential moments in your life and share what you learned from those experiences.

A publisher first reached out to me about writing a book and asked if I had any influential moments in my life.

During my travels, I wrote down things I saw and experienced that became an outlet for a book.

This trip across the Sahara Desert inspired my book, “Success is a Journey”. Dig deep and use your life’s most influential moments as inspiration for your book. If these milestones are influential for you, they will likely inspire others as well.

2. Area of Expertise

Next, focus on your area of expertise. Whether that is in your career, hobbies you enjoy, or your personal life, having expertise in an area will make it easier to talk about in a book.

As most of you are aware, I am an expert in management, leadership, and personal development. Because I am so well versed in these areas, It comes easily to me when writing a book on these topics.

If you studied a particular subject in school or have worked in the same field for many years, consider consolidating your knowledge into a book.

3. Favorite Topic in Conversation

Do you have a particular hobby or area of interest that you enjoy bringing up in conversation?

Take notice of the topics in conversation you most enjoy talking about or teaching to others! These topics could lead to an incredible idea for a book.

Some of these topics could include your passions, things you did as a child, or a place you enjoy visiting. Whatever it may be, the topic will likely be very personal to you.

4. Favorite Topic in To Read About

Take notice of the types of articles or topics in the newspaper you gravitate towards.

Growing up I was referred to as a bibliophile or someone who loves to read. I fantasized about one day writing a book.

If you enjoy reading about a certain topic, find a way to give your own unique perspective on it. If you can stand out from other authors in this genre, you will be on your way to a best seller.

5. Audience You Want to Attract

Consider who your audience is and what information they will be looking to gain.

What is the point of writing a book if no one is going to read it? There is no point. Readers turn to books for entertainment and knowledge.

Ensure you are providing one of these to the desired audience.

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