2 Surprising Reasons Why People Don’t Take Risks (2020)

What is our motivation, or lack thereof, when it comes to risk? In this post, let’s explore two reasons why people limit themselves, fail to take the leap of faith and leave their comfort zone. Our success, happiness, gratitude, and contribution come from our ability to grow and expand.

We cannot live our most fulfilling life if we do not take any risks.

If we don’t take risks we don’t grow. If we don’t grow we can never be at our best. And if we cannot show the world our best, we cannot be happy. True happiness is when we can show the world the best of ourselves on a daily basis.

Live large!

Life is easy when we play small. It is easy to do what everyone around you is doing. Playing it safe, staying in a box – you have heard the clichés. When we do not become our dreams, we actually get smaller.

Moreover, it is much more meaningful and difficult to live the large life we are destined to have. If we do not live out our dreams the whole world suffers – since each of us have something amazing to offer the world. Love it. Live it. Give it.

So why can’t we do it? Why can’t we take the leap? Why can’t we rediscover who we always were and always meant to be? Why can’t we take the risk to shed the layers? Why can’t take the risk to change careers? Or to fall in love? Or to live in a foreign land? Or to start the business, non-profit or enterprise of our dreams?

In my relatively young years, I have been blessed to have a depth of experiences, including working with thousands of kids and hundreds of adults, as well as constantly reflecting on my own life and growth. When we boil it down, kids and adults alike, don’t take the risk to go after our dreams and our highest, largest life because of two mains reasons.

Why people don’t take risks and what we can do about it

Reason #1: We don’t think we are good enough.

We have spent too much time listening to our own doubts and the doubts of others. We have spent too much time focusing on the obstacles than the goal. We have spent too much time judging, evaluating and attempting to control, that we cannot get out of our own head, out of our own way and we have forgotten that we are great enough to make it happen with passion, persistence & faith. Believe.

Reason #2: We don’t t think we will be loved the same way, or loved enough.

We are afraid that by making certain decisions we will lose the approval of the people closest to us.  We grow up looking for approval from parents, teachers, and friends. We grow up looking for the pat on the back, then as adults, we do the same thing in the workplace.

We can become people pleasers and lose our sense of purpose in the process. We think that if we do certain things our family, friends, coworkers will become disconnected or even think we are crazy. Yes, that might happen, especially initially.

A small number of family and friends might not understand or even think you are crazy, weird, and out there – AND THAT’S OK! More people will be inspired.

More people will be inspired by your ability to make such a big decision. They will be inspired by your passion, fortitude, confidence, and belief and you might even spark an awakening within some of the people closest to you. They will be inspired by you taking a risk and forging your own path. Live your life as an example of someone who will not settle for less than what they are!

“Your life is your message, make it an inspiring one!” – Gandhi

As always,  I hope this helps. Feel free to share this with your family, friends, and colleagues.

All the best! 

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