Find yourself in five minutes

find yourself

👉 Find yourself in five minutes | how to know who am I?

Today I want to teach a lesson in five minutes to those who have stopped in life for whatever reason. We all have accidents in our lives that knock us down and break us.
We feel. We are bad, we are unlucky, then we start hating ourselves. We start hating people. We lock ourselves in our room, in our house. We go into depression. “Life becomes hell. The desire for death increases”.

But today I address every broken heart, loser, tired. Take these few points and move on.

First of all

“Identify yourself”

Get to know yourself Who are you, what is your purpose? Why did God send you? Not a single tree, not a single mountain, not even a month is a burden on the earth. So you can’t be aimless. Find out for yourself. Peek into your heart Search in prostrations. Raise your hand in the dark of night. When you want to know yourself, Allah will put your purpose in your heart.

“Be yourself”

Be what you are. Don’t change yourself in front of people.
Don’t try to be someone else bcz everybody else is already taken
(Don’t try to be like anyone else because it has already been taken)

And the principle of “Be Yourself” is not to compare yourself with others. If you need motivation, look at the ones above and if the feeling is getting lower. If it hurts, compare it to the ones below. You don’t have a car, so no one has a bicycle. You don’t have a big house. Someone is sleeping on the sidewalk. You don’t have pizza burgers to eat. Someone is eating from the trash. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

“Value yourself”

When you know yourself, value yourself. Value. Work on yourself. Upgrade yourself. Learn new skills. The future is not a degree, it’s a skill. I say every boy and girl has a skill.” He should come and make money from it whenever he wants. Make yourself the best you can be.

The second rule of giving value is not to allow anyone to point a finger at you. They will hurt you, build a healthy boundary around you. Don’t let anyone cross that boundary and learn to say ‘no’ in life. When someone wants to do something against your will or take advantage of your compulsion, don’t say it. (Don’t learn to say it, because by saying no to others you are saying yes to yourself).

“Accept yourself”

Accept yourself as you are. You are short, you are black, you are very tall. Accept yourself as you are. People will accept you only then. When you do not accept yourself, people will accept you.” They make fun of you. Accept yourself today. Accept to the extent that when someone makes fun of you for your shortcomings, keep your head up with the confidence that he thinks he has said something wrong.

Forgive yourself

Well, you chose the wrong guy, well you couldn’t give the right people time on time. Well, you couldn’t go to medical, well you couldn’t become an engineer, well you made the wrong decisions in life. Well, you didn’t recognize the good people. Now forgive yourself. Forgive others. You need to forgive yourself. Leave every regret behind and move on. No one can get you out of your troubles. He will come, but you grab your arm and pull yourself out. Be your own Messiah.

“Love yourself”

Take Your Self is the principle of Respect Your Self. No one will respect you unless you respect yourself. Dear brothers and sisters! Love yourself. Don’t fall in front of others.

Don’t let anybody disrespect you

And when you learn to value yourself, to value yourself, you will be able to give it to others, and then when you reach a point in life, hold the hands of those below you and pull them up.

I need a vow that we will not give up. We will fight for ourselves. Make your identity known. I am not inspired by people who show off their father’s money. If you have anything, show me what you have earned. Tell me what you have.” We are not victims, we are fighters, we will fight. With our pains, with our sorrows.

“We all will rise”

Dear friends! We will all rise. But it is important to know yourself. We are not ordinary. No one is ordinary. All go ahead in the field of your choice, do something. Your identity, your family, your Parents are not brothers and sisters. You are your own identity. Tell me who you are.
Find yourself, find the purpose of yourself
Give yourself time. Have full faith in the Blessed Essence of Allah Almighty. جزاک اللہ خیرا
Share and support the life
Action makes life both heaven and hell
This khaki is neither light nor feminine in its nature.

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