Feed the creatures


Feed the creatures

When I saw the funeral of a servant, there was such a rush that there was no place to put my feet. There will be a big guy. I said if there is a big servant, then he joined. Then he came to get the medicine. He was near the funeral home. I was telling the medicine man that there was a lot of rush. There would be a big servant, but the medicine man did not say. Surprised that nowadays watchmen and so much rush.

So the medicine man said, “Sir, I was as surprised as you, but when I found out that this watchman used to light the stove in the house of 40 people. I still have no words as to what his salary will be and how he will meet it. Dude 40 people?

Similarly, I heard the story of an employee of a Pakistani company from my cousin that when an employee was working in a company, his name came up in the Hajj Qarandazi. I hear that he was immoral, did not offer prayers, etc. When the call to prayer was made, he disappeared. The employee took the money but did not go on Hajj.

Again, after some time, the name of the same employee came out again. but he did not go again, and after receiving the money, it is said for the third time, then the name of the same employee came out again. His boss etc. were surprised and said what is the reason that his name is coming 3 times.

He asked this employee of the meeting to believe in Allah and go away is your call. After many prayers, the employee said, “I will pay my annual salary. I will go.” The bosses say that if the people are happy that he will go there, then others will be lucky. His death occurred while prostrating in Makkah during the prayer.

When the news reached his owners, they were astonished that such a high death had befallen a man who was so far removed from the worship of religion. His owners came to his wife and told her that he had lived with us, but in it We have not seen any good deed. Tell us why this blessed death has befallen him.

But after much insistence, he said that he did not know of any process but there is a house in the street where a widow lives and she has two small children. The locals are watching this woman and my husband said she is my sister after today no one will see her. And he used to take care of his children out of the salary he received and pay off their debts with the money of Hajj.

And Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah have mercy on him) remembered a saying that there are 50 kilometers 100 kilometers 500 kilometers to get to the Lord, but one way is zero kilometers and that is

“Allah’s creatures have to be fed.

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