Get Impressive Google My Business Based Page Reviews with These Pro-Tips

Most people fear reviews. In their mind, they believe that reviews will spoil their business reputation online. However, that isn’t the case. Google my business page reviews will increase your business authenticity and attract more customers. Google My Business reviews give customers an opportunity to express their thoughts. They can also help you rank higher on Google. Even more, they are powerful when it comes to influencing people’s purchasing decisions. So, take advantage of Google My Business page reviews. Use the above tips and tricks to get Google My Business page reviews

Understand the Don’ts

There are stringent guidelines when it comes to Google My Business. There are things you are not allowed. It’s important to follow these guidelines. Missing these guidelines can cost you dearly. Worse still, you may be permanently suspended from using Google My Business reviews. So, read the policy. Here are a few don’ts you shouldn’t do:

  • Never review that business of yours
  • Avoid taking shortcuts
  • Avoid doing review gatekeeping
  • Stay away from reviewing competitors

Request Your Customers to Review You Directly On Google Customer

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to review your business directly. You can ask them to review your business through emails, social media platforms, on thank you pages, as well as CTA on the website. This process is smooth and can help you get a sizable number of reviews from your customers.

Make The Process Of Leaving Reviews Easy 

Ensure that your customers don’t get difficulties when leaving their reviews. So, make the process easy. Teach your customers how to leave reviews. Let the process be simple and straightforward. Particularly, leave a link that allows them to leave reviews. Incorporate simple instructions on your website.

Respond to Reviews in Real-time

Be prompt with how you respond to reviews. This encourages your customers to leave reviews. Don’t take ages to tender your response. Irrespective of the nature of the reviews (negative or positive), responding to them in real-time promotes positive engagements. Future clients won’t shy away from leaving these reviews.

Consider Adding CTAs to your E-mail

Incorporate a CTA at the end of your email. Add something like leave feedback at the end of your emails can go a long way in optimizing Google My Business review results. You can also say “leave a review”. However, make the CTA direct and short. It should be straight to the point. Doing this will prompt your customers to engage with you and leave reviews. Plus, it will leave them satisfied—which will make your Google My Business review strategy successful.

The Bottom-Line

If you want customers to trust your brand, take your game to Google My Business page reviews. Allow them to freely express their feelings. Besides improving your site’s Google ranking, Google My Business reviews can improve the authenticity of your brand and even play a key role in influencing your customer’s buying decisions. So, increase reviews in GMB and watch your business grow today!

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