A String of Seemingly Random Events (2020)

There are no random acts in life, nothing happens by chance… all coincidences have meaning. In a lot of ways, we are all connected.

When you expand your awareness, seemingly random events will be seen to fit into a larger purpose. – Deepak Chopra.

We Are All Connected A String of Seemingly Random Events

You know what I mean. Those moments when you think about someone you’re fond of and haven’t seen in a while and you suddenly bump into them? Or they call you out of the blue?

Well, how’s this: a friend of mine, who often travels, was on the other side of the world and the one person that she was once upon a time madly in love with – who took her a decade to get over – was there. In the same country as her. On the other side of the planet.

What was she supposed to do? Was it a sign for her to reach out? Was it a sign for her to finally let it all go?  Close the door of that chapter of her life? For her, it was a confusing time.

Have you ever had such an experience?

We Are All Connected to One Universal Force

Yes? Well, here’s why. Deep down, we are all connected.

Some of us feel this more strongly than others, and there’s a growing body of evidence in the area of Quantum Physics that suggests that this is NOT just mumbo jumbo.

But most of us are used to the idea that our brains run the show. And when they do, they have the ability to trick us into thinking that our perception is reality. When actually, that isn’t necessarily so.

When we sit still and let our hearts do more talking and tell our brains to be quiet, we begin to ‘feel’, experience, and therefore, understand this concept a little better.

Because when we are still, we can hear our intuition. It’s actually the thing we should allow to be in charge of because it knows what’s good for us, and what isn’t. When we allow it to guide us, we’re less inclined to feel confused, make bad decisions or waste time following ideas that just don’t really serve us.

In order to truly understand what’s taking shape at a subatomic level within ourselves when we think of someone or have a feeling about something, we must first bridge the gap between the micro-world and the macro world.

And this happens within us automatically. Every time we have a thought, our brain is broadcasting a frequency. With enough emotion or feeling, we perpetuate the momentum required to attract that very thing that we’re focusing on, to us.

So… if thoughts, emotions and energy are vibrational, (which they are) then absolutely everything relating to thought, feeling, perception, and experience is vibrational – and reality itself is a vibrational interpretation. This is how we are all connected.

The River of Life Never Stops Flowing

Energy never stops flowing.

Trees never stop growing, and like life, seasons never stop changing, day becomes night, and vice versa.  We are in an ever-changing world. Change is constant. Change happens for us, not to us … and the very simple fact of the matter is that, when we get in the way of change and try to stop it from flowing, it’s possible to miss out on the wonderful opportunities that life is presenting.

Then, we get stifled and stuck. All sorts of other things start to happen, some of which just don’t feel good because they become stressful.

Actually, this is quite common because we live in such a busy, busy world without spending enough time in silence. And… silence is golden. We need it to tap into ourselves and the power within us, as well as those energetic forces within us that show we are all connected to all of the other energy around us.

If we are not aware of our thoughts or how we feel, or if we don’t listen to the signposts that are guiding us toward wise and powerful decisions, we will NOT see the phenomenal opportunities that life is presenting to us over and over again.

Everything Has Beauty

We so often ignore our intuition or our gut feeling. Sometimes we feel like something is not quite right, yet we ignore it because we are not quite sure what it is, or we just can’t put our finger on it.

Then, it’s not until sometime later where a chain reaction of events takes place, and we end up at a point (commonly called hindsight) when we can say “Ahhhh, that’s why,” and give ourselves a sage nod as if we knew what was happening all along.

But let me tell you a secret. There are people who KNOW what was happening all along, to themselves and to others. And they know because they practice silence. They live without a lot of distractions. They connect with bare feet to the earth and nature on a regular basis so that they can nourish those parts of their human body which help them to tap into their own intuition.

And the thing is, YOU are capable of harnessing this power, too. To start living a life that is in flow with the universal forces, that has the ability to prove to us over and over again how powerful we all are.

But we are often too busy doubting ourselves or filling up our lives with nonsense because we don’t feel ‘good’ all the time. Then we end up imbalanced … and then… Well Anais Nin says it beautifully:

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Everything we judge in others or in life or at work is something within ourselves that we don’t want to face. The very thing we ignore is the exact thing we should focus on.

And it works both ways. When we are judged and when someone says something to you or addresses you in a particular way – it isn’t about you. It’s about them and their own limitations and insecurities.

Expand Your Awareness

Live life more consciously and deliberately. Be grateful for all of the wonderful things in your life, health, relationship, and work. By doing this, you bring your focus out of your head into the present moment, where magical things happen all of the time.

When you can be mindful, by concentrating fully and intently on the present without any form of judgment, then you can truly live in the moment: the now.

Then you can begin to ‘experience’ life because you’re really in it. In the moment, NOT stuck in your head thinking of the past or the future.

Remember: there are NO random acts, coincidences, or chances.

However, you can be your own worst enemy by getting in the way of receiving some of life’s greatest blessings because you’re missing the signs. You only see the signs when your eyes are wide open; when you’re focused, and you find time, as often as possible, for stillness.

It’s an interesting leg of the journey when you can become mindful of how much time and energy you invest in the world, in your head. When you catch yourself engrossed in your past or your future, just bring your mind back to the present moment.

Take a breath and absorb what is happening around you. Always check in to how you are feeling. Keep an open mind and be grateful for all your learnings and all your experiences.

Because if you don’t slow down, tune in and listen, you won’t know what your intuition is telling you. This is when life really unfolds. This is how we are all connected.

We Are All Connected A String of Seemingly Random Events

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