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Tips on How to Get Your Business Found on Siri

Apple’s Siri became the forerunner of mainstream voice-assisted technology when it made its debut in 2011. It shares the top spot with Google Assistant in equally cornering 36% of voice assistant users. The oldest of voice control providers, Siri does an excellent job at responding to spoken instructions. In a recent Statistica survey, the voice […]

An AI saw a cropped photo of AOC. It autocompleted her wearing a bikini.

Language-generation algorithms are known to embed racist and sexist ideas. They’re trained on the language of the internet, including the dark corners of Reddit and Twitter that may include hate speech and disinformation. Whatever harmful ideas are present in those forums get normalized as part of their learning. Researchers have now demonstrated that the same […]

Smart sports | MIT Technology Review

Intelligent sports planning City and event planners will also benefit from the digitalization of sporting events, particularly in the way that the sports solutions leverage on smarter planning. This means that getting to and from major live events will be smoother and more efficient in future as vehicle traffic, public transport provisioning, and parking can […]