Tips on How to Get Your Business Found on Siri

Apple’s Siri became the forerunner of mainstream voice-assisted technology when it made its debut in 2011. It shares the top spot with Google Assistant in equally cornering 36% of voice assistant users.

The oldest of voice control providers, Siri does an excellent job at responding to spoken instructions. In a recent Statistica survey, the voice assistant got the highest marks in fulfilling commands. It even ranked second to Google Assistant in understanding queries and giving the right answers.

Siri works on iOS/macOS devices. These include all modern iPhones, Macs running on the macOS Sierra version or higher, and the HomePod smart speaker. Siri is also built in the iPad, iPod Touch, the AirPods, all Apple Watch models, and the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV.

Internet Usage is Changing  

Due to their conversational approach, Siri and other voice assistants make it convenient for the young and old to build personal connections with a brand. Around half of online consumers use voice search to find and discover a local business. Over 60% of those aged 25 to 65 say they expect to use their voice devices more in the future.

When it comes to finding a local business, consumer searches fall into the following categories:

  • Discovery
    These searches comprise questions about certain types of businesses available within the vicinity of your prospects and clients. For example: “What’s the best vegetarian meal delivery service near me?” or “Find a vet in Montclair.”
  • Knowledge
    These searches are specific queries that can direct internet searchers to your website if your content is about their area of concern. Questions may include: “How long will it take me to learn how to drive?” or “How soon can I harvest potatoes?”
  • Direct
    These searches sound more like instructions. They include booking an appointment or reservation or making a call to a certain business office.
  • Brand
    Consumers can ask Siri specific questions about their preferred brand. Examples include queries about specific models, flavors, and pricing as well as delivery options.

Business Information You Must Provide to Siri 

You must ensure your business information is accessible to Siri if you want consumers to find your business when they are doing a voice search and asking Siri a business-related query. You will want to make sure Siri is able to find your business’ name, industry type, website, phone number, address, store hours, if you deliver, and the answers to frequently asked questions about your business.

How to Get Your Business Found on Siri 

Here are some steps you can do to improve Siri’s chances of finding and recommending your business during voice searches:

    1. Get your business listing on Siri.
      To help Siri find your company information, you can get a business listing on Siri. You can supply your business name, address, operating hours, phone number, website URL, and more on this business listing. Updates are necessary in case you change your location, working hours, or corporate name.
    2. Optimize your website for Siri.
        • Incorporate the right keywords into your site.
          Go for the so-called “position zero” or the Featured Snippet block that’s on top of the Google search results page. 60% of the time, voice assistants choose what’s on this spot when pulling answers for queries. Most Featured Snippets come from what appears on the first page of the search engine results page, so optimize your website content to land on top of page one.To do this:
          • Consider your consumers’ “natural way of speaking.” Voice searches tend to be longer compared to short keywords typed on a search engine. List and choose “long-tail keywords” that they are most likely to use when inquiring about products or services.
          • Feature query-like search terms in your headers. You can refer to Google’s “People Also Search For” box for keyword ideas.
        • Create a Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) page.
          The question keywords and conversational answers on an FAQ page make it easy for search engines to look through your site. This can raise your chances of landing on the coveted position zero and getting chosen as a voice answer. You can mimic the phrases and tone of conversational language on your FAQ page. Begin questions with what, how, when, where, who, and why?You can refer to Google Search Console to see what type of keywords your customers could be using in voice searches. You may also use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find long-tail keywords and questions consumers may be asking.

          Here are some FAQs to consider:For e-commerce or retail

          • What is the product made of and where was it made?
          • How can I be sure I get the right size?
          • What are your shipping options?
          • What’s your return policy?

          For food services

          • What type of food do you serve?
          • What are your delivery options?
          • Can I customize an order?
          • Do you have a rewards program?

          For real estate

          • How much do your services cost?
          • How long will it take before I can move into the apartment or house?
          • Do you provide any loan services?
          • How often will I speak with my agent?

          For travel and hospitality

          • How can I request a refund on pre-booked tickets?
          • How do I choose my seats on the plane?
          • Do you offer room service?
          • At what time is check-in? check out?
        • Make your website mobile-friendly.
          Mobile device-based searches have surpassed desktop searches since 2015. Since then, it’s no wonder that Google started giving a higher ranking for mobile-friendly web pages that same year.You can test if your website’s mobile-ready by pasting your business URL into Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.

          A mobile-friendly website will help you rank above your competitors if their website is not mobile-friendly and increase your likeliness of being found on voice search.

Get More Customers from Siri 

Follow these tips to help get your business found by customers who use Siri.

You will be maximizing your online presence and getting more customers visiting your website and physical store!

You can also learn more about getting your business found on Siri by visiting

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