Daily Archives: February 12, 2021

9 Questions to Ask before choosing the right Payroll service provider

The manual payroll system in Australia is full of challenges. That makes this system of payroll is prone to error, is repetitive, and a slow process. The HR and accounting department of a company has numerous things to look after. From work ethics to complaints, to hiring new people, budgeting, and more. Since payroll is […]

Signs You Need To Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

While most entrepreneurs know the significance of marketing to their company’s success, most don’t have the funds to hire in-house or outside assistance. So, they take on the task themselves, hoping that it will suffice. Unfortunately, most find out the hard way that marketing is an all-encompassing task that requires a great deal of knowledge, […]

5 Types of Questions We Should All Ask Ourselves

Each of us is responsible for our own self-growth and development. Sometimes we reach out to professionals like therapists and life coaches. Other times we read books and other information about best practices for self-help. A big part of what happens when you engage in therapy, life coaching, and other self-help techniques is learning alternative […]

Deepfake porn is ruining women’s lives. Now the law may finally ban it

“Every time you do it, you have to relive the thing over again.” Helen Mort Noelle Martin, who became an activist after discovering at 18 that she’d been victimized in a fake porn campaign, was subsequently targeted with a more elaborate deepfake porn campaign. The fact that faked and deepfake porn are inherently false also […]