Daily Archives: February 13, 2021

4 Examples of Reference Data Management Software in Action

Businesses are always looking for new opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve workplace efficiencies. Having a master data management (MDM) strategy in place provides a centralized, consistent view of data across business functions. MDM simplifies reporting and business intelligence by eliminating disparate, duplicate, and inaccurate information. An essential component of MDM is reference […]

Why a failure to vaccinate the world will put us all at risk

The group aims to vaccinate about 20% of the people in the world, focusing on hard-to-reach populations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. To do so, it needs another $4.9 billion in addition to the $2.1 billion it has already raised. But there are other problems. The cheaper and easier-to-transport vaccines like the ones pledged […]

He started a covid-19 vaccine company. Then he hosted a superspreader event.

In a blog post published on the afternoon of February 12, Diamandis confirmed that 12 patrons had tested positive. Less than a week after A360 attendees flew back to their pandemic home bases across the globe, at least 20 people, including not only those who were present at A360 but also some of their family […]