Daily Archives: February 19, 2021

Leaked report shows Pfizer’s vaccine is sharply cutting covid-19 infections in Israel

Pfizer did not confirm the authenticity of the study document. Its lead authors are Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of public health for Israel’s health ministry, and Eric Haas, a ministry researcher. In addition, the study was carried out by a team of eight Pfizer researchers, including epidemiologists Farid Khan and John McLaughlin and the company’s global […]

Mobile Slots vs Land-Based Slot Machines 

There were times when people loved the smell and sounds of a land-based casino. People love to gamble on their bachelor or bachelorette parties. Since the introduction of the Internet, things have changed drastically. People prefer their mobile phones to play slots instead of driving or walking to a land-based casino or mingle with people. […]

The government failed Texans—so people on the internet stepped in

Mutual aid is not a new concept, long flourishing in marginalized communities. But a year of pandemic-induced crises has trained such groups to react quickly: they know that the first place people will turn in a crisis is the internet. Mellissa Martinez, a 24-year-old student based in Houston, was without electricity or internet access for […]

A first-of-its-kind geoengineering experiment is about to take its first step

Since it’s the only tool that could make any real difference to global temperatures within the period of a political term, it could become an incredibly seductive option in nations suffering through deadly heat waves, droughts, famines, fires, or floods. Using it without sufficient research would be “very dangerous,” Keutsch says. Harvard professor Frank Keutsch, […]

How to Fix Netflix Error Code F7701-1003

From personal experience, Netflix is a lot more stable (and reliable) on mobile devices, TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices. Using Netflix on a computer—either through an app or a web browser—is an entirely different ballgame. More often than not, random and occasional error messages ruin the web streaming experience. Netflix errors come in variations, […]