Daily Archives: February 23, 2021

4 Ways Technology Is Changing the Home-Selling Process

Every day we get to see technology getting more advanced and revolutionizing how the world operates. Everything is becoming better through technology, and we won’t stop seeing these changes anytime soon. Technology has integrated itself into all aspects of the economy and industries, and the real estate sector has not been left behind. Over the […]

Announcing the MIT Technology Review Covid Inequality Fellowships

Early in the pandemic, some headlines argued that covid-19 was the great equalizer—because anyone, no matter their circumstance, could catch it. In reality, it was clear that the virus was affecting some groups of Americans in disproportionate, devastating ways.  Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Indigenous communities, and other people of color have been affected the most, […]

How to Add Headers and Footers in PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows you to customize presentation templates in various ways. One of them is by adding headers and footers to your PowerPoint presentation. Headers and footers in PowerPoint are great for adding those important details to your presentation, whether it’s slide numbers, date and time, or other information. You can easily add a header or […]