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Why Is My Mobile Data So Slow? 11 Reasons and Fixes

Nothing ruins your day faster than a sluggish internet connection, especially if you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi connection. Webpages will take forever to load, you’ll experience frequent pauses while streaming music, and it becomes almost impossible to watch videos online without buffering. Many internet-reliant apps may also fail to work optimally. Several factors […]

In pursuit of pragmatic solutions to pervasive problems

The Alibaba Damo Academy is a unique hybrid research and development (R&D) facility. An academically-oriented independent science organization established in 2017 in Hangzhou, China, it is also an arms-length research affiliate of its founder, Chinese internet technology giant Alibaba. Damo’s project development pipelines are positioned around developing data-enabled technologies for fundamental business and social challenges, […]

Interstellar visitor 2I/Borisov is the most pristine comet humans have studied

We’ve studied enough comets from our solar system to know that they formed during its early stages, when there was a ton of material swirling around and coalescing into individual bodies. They are made primarily from ice, but in order to survive, they have to form at a distance where the sun’s heat and radiation […]

5 Ways Introverts Can Develop a Strong Personality (2019)

Being shy and being introverted are often used interchangeably. But many introverts do NOT define their personality as shy. Instead, introverts will tell you that they CAN indeed interact and socialize comfortably with others but it’s just not their preference.  The intro in the term introvert is the key. Introverts are typically very introspective: they spend […]

Building customer relationships with conversational AI

We’ve all been there. “Please listen to our entire menu as our options have changed. Say or press one for product information…” Sometimes, these automated customer service experiences are effective and efficient—other times, not so much. Many organizations are already using chatbots and virtual assistants to help better serve their customers. These intelligent, automated self-service […]