What You Should Know About Video Production

Video production is the process of producing video content for TV, social media, and other platforms with the aim of entertainment or marketing, video production can be a very tedious process but the payoffs are really worth the process. Many corporates in the modern world have resulted in using video content for their marketing strategies. We advise that to get great video content you have to look for the best video production company in the market that does what you are looking for. Video producers at Spiel say that it is good to do some prior research on the services the company offers and ask for their profile before committing with them.

Steps of video production

Video production consists of three main steps or phases ;

  • Pre-production
  • Production phase
  • Post–production phase.

Each of these phases is very important when it comes to video production, each phase consists of elements or processes that take place at each step. Video production when not well managed or planned will result in a low-quality video that does not meet its intended value and so for a great video wiz at spiel recommends that it passes through this stages.

Pre-production phase

This is the initial part of video production, this phase mainly includes having a lot of meetings and bringing the entire production team together. The meetings are directed to planning and managing the process of the production from the initial concept to the final project when it reaches its delivery stage. in this phase video producers maps out the plan they will use to shoot the video, which cast they will use, the resources allocation and where to get them and for how long will they be shooting the video. This phase takes a good time in the production process as it requires lots of preparation and planning to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase which involves the actual shooting.

Objectives of the pre-production phase

Knowing the objectives of why you are shooting the video is the first key element to consider in this phase, the objectives in this phase are answered by the following questions which should be  posted by every video producer before they begging their work;

  • Why are you making the video?
  • The expectation from the video?
  • Who’s the target audience of the video?
  • What will the audience gain from the video?

In every content, it is very important to have a set goal before you commence to guide the project to tell its success or its failures. Video producers at spiel elaborate how they use the SMART approach to design achievable goals. They recommend the goals should be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound.

There is a process that takes place in this phase and this includes;

  • Auditioning of the casting team
  • Interviews for the cast
  • Storyboarding
  • Creation of script
  • Creation of budgets for the video
  • Scouting of locations and pre visits
  • Preparations of the equipment’s
  • Brainstorming on the objectives
  • Video outlining
  • Acquiring the licenses from the local authorities.
  • Pitching the ideas and visions of the client and pilot shoot.

Once this entire are met the video production is now ready for the next stage, everything behind the scenes is polished on the table in the meeting and at managerial levels where the files are kept for the project.

Production step

This is the phase of the actual filming of the video; this phase involves shooting live footage on location or the field outside the meetings now. This phase is smooth when the pre-production phase was well executed, when everything has been mapped out well and falls according to the schedule this phase consumes less time as compared to the pre-production phase. As a video producer and other experts involved in the production, it is their role to make sure everything falls into its place and according to the schedule. This phase requires a production company to use all its professionals during the shoot. The production phase involves the following processes;

  • Setting up the light
  • Set up the camera
  • Directing of the cast
  • Getting the b-roll footage.
  • Creation of shots at different scenes and locations.

Setting up the light: scenes are shot at different locations and under different backgrounds so lighting beforehand is very important, this ensures a smooth ride during the shoots and the crew has nothing to worry about when comes to shooting under different conditions.

Setting up the camera: getting the right cameras to shoot the content is very key and it determines the kind or the standards of the end product. Cameras can be set on tripods and others on the crane depending on the kind of content being shot.

Directing:  this is a crucial part of the process, a director is supposed to lead the cast into bringing the script to life. A director is guided by the script which influences all the dynamics revolving around the content being shot. A cast that has great actors still needs directing to be at their optimal levels and bring out their talents with ease and keep their goals in mind to get their flawless performance.

Getting the b- roll footage: This is the extra footage that is taken outside the script to cut away during the edits in the final stage of post-production, this may include shots of different scenes, the crew, location, or anything else that matches the interest or the theme of the content.

Post-production stage

This is the final stage in video production, it involves behind the scenes editing for the visuals and the audios, Stitching all motion graphics or animations to a final edited copy, mastering of the voice is done and the content is cut from the recorded footage which is usually too long so it is edited to fit the desired length. Recording a voice-over for the video, coloring, and adding music to the video is also done at this stage to fine-tune the content to brand it according to the client’s objectives. Editing is done with the help of a video editor who uses special editing software to compile the whole footage. Once the editing process and revision for the content are done and the client is happy the video is now ready for distribution.

Distribution of videos

This involves sharing your videos on different platforms like on social media, in articles, TV’s, promoting and embedding the content in different articles and other videos to get a wide coverage where the targeted audience can get to see them without a struggle.

In conclusion, video production is of different types and different companies offer different varieties of video production, as the video producers such as spiel advice, it is always right to go for the best services for the reasons being a great video content reach a wider scope of people with its appeal to the eyes hence influencing your target audience positively.

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