How to Report Someone on Discord

If you’re in any internet community, you’re bound to run into some issues with others and find yourself in a position where you feel the need to report someone. On Discord, you have the ability to report anyone in a number of ways. 

You’ll want to make sure you have a clear reason to report someone, and that this reason constitutes a report under Discord’s community guidelines or the rules of a certain server you may be on. If someone has violated either of these, reporting them shouldn’t be an issue and it’ll be more likely action will be taken against them. 

Here’s how to report someone on Discord. 

Reporting Someone to a Server Moderator

If you notice a user has broken the rules of a server or Discord’s own guidelines, the first action you’ll want to take is to report the user to the moderator of the server the user is a part of. This is the easiest course of action for reporting, and is more likely to result in quick action being taken against the offender. 

Follow these steps to report someone to a moderator. 

  1. On the server, look for a moderator by looking at the roles of members of the server and finding a user whose role is “moderator,” “admin,” or otherwise a role that looks like they’d be in charge. If you aren’t sure, you can ask others if they know who a moderator of the server is.
  1. Send the moderator a private direct message explaining the situation, and if you can, try to provide screenshots or other evidence of the problem and the user in question. 
  1. Work with the moderator to discuss the issue, and see what actions they can take to resolve it. 

If the moderator doesn’t respond, or doesn’t do anything about the problem, you may want to think about going to Discord’s Trust & Safety team, which can deal with issues with anyone on Discord and in any community. This is also a good option if the user in question isn’t from any servers you’re on. 

Reporting Someone to Discord Trust & Safety 

In order to report someone this way, you’ll need to be using Discord’s developer mode. Here’s how to turn this on to begin reporting:

  1. Open Discord and log into your account. 
  1. Select the settings icon, which looks like a gear, in the bottom left corner next to your username. 
  1. Go to Advanced > Developer Mode and switch it to on
  1. Get the User ID of the person you want to report, as well any evidence of the issue, such as screenshots. 
  1. Go to Discord’s Submit a request page and in the dropdown, select Trust & Safety. Then enter the rest of your information into the form and select Submit.

Make sure you describe the situation as best as you can, and add the user’s ID number as well as your evidence. There is a space for you to enter a description of the incident, as well as add any attachments. 

What Happens After a Report?

Once you send a report to either a server moderator or Discord’s own team, from that point on the issue is now in their hands. If either of them determine that action should be taken against the user you reported, then they’ll be able to do so. 

This could mean that the user you reported could get banned, as well as their IP address getting banned so that they can’t create new accounts. If the offense isn’t deemed serious enough for that, the user may just receive a warning from the moderator or Discord. 

It’s also possible that nothing will happen to the user. If this occurs, it’s because the situation wasn’t considered a violation of any rules in a server or on the community guidelines. If this happens, but the user is still being problematic, you may just have to wait and keep watch on the user so you can gather more evidence of what they’re doing. 

Other Actions to Take

In a case where the user is directly causing you distress in any way, it’s also possible to just mute or block them so that they can’t contact you anymore. To mute someone, right-click on their username and select the Mute option. 

This will ensure that you can no longer see their messages in a server channel. However, the user will still be able to contact you through private direct messages. If you want to prevent this, you’ll have to block the user instead. 

To block someone, right-click on the username and select the Block option. This will stop them from being able to contact you and if you’re friends with them on Discord. Like muting, you also won’t be able to see their messages in a server’s channel. 

However, this may not solve your problem entirely. If a user notices you block them and is intending to be malicious towards you, they’ll still have the ability to create a new account and contact you that way. In this case, though, you’ll be able to gather more evidence that could help you report the user to stop them from creating new accounts in order to harass you. 

Reporting Someone on Discord

When making the decision to report someone, you’ll want to be sure they’ve violated community guidelines or server rules clearly. Making sure of this before you report someone will ensure that they’re more likely to be banned. 

Issues with others online can be a frustrating experience, so if you’re finding this as a problem, it can also help to try and deescalate the situation yourself. Whatever happens, just know there are always options to get the problem resolved. 

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