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If you’re looking to upgrade your phone plan for your parents, grandparents, or someone within the senior demographic, you may have come across Consumer Cellular during your search for a company to trust. Consumer Cellular is a company that aims to provide flexible and straightforward plans to those who aren’t the techiest or those who don’t really use their phones a lot.

Is Consumer Cellular the service for you, or will you be left disappointed? Take a moment to read our review before making any rash decisions so that you fully know what you’re signing up for.

What Is Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular is an MVNO or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This company works in collaboration with popular networks, AT&T and T-Mobile, to provide its users with top-of-the-line coverage. Of course, you won’t get access to both networks if you choose to use Consumer Cellular’s services. The company will be the one to decide which network will work best for you based on where you live.

If you want a specific network though, you can choose to forgo the online process and buy a Consumer Cellular SIM card from retailers like Target instead.

Plans & Pricing

These are the plans and pricing offered by Consumer Cellular. Take a good look at what they’re offering to see if there’s anything that catches your eye.

Talk Only Plans

  • $15 a month per line for 250 minutes
  • $17.50 a month per line for unlimited minutes

250 Minutes Talk & Unlimited Text Plans

  • $17.50 a month per line for 500MB shared data
  • $20 a month per line for 3GB shared data
  • $25 a month per line for 10GB shared data
  • $30 a month per line for 15GB shared data
  • $35 a month per line for unlimited shared data

Unlimited Talk & Text Plans

  • $20 a month per line for 500MB shared data
  • $22.50 a month per line for 3GB shared data
  • $27.50 a month per line for 10GB shared data
  • $32.50 a month per line for 15GB shared data
  • $37.50 a month per line for unlimited shared data

Products & Services

Consumer Cellular has a variety of devices you can choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s a quick rundown of all your options:


If you’re looking for the latest and greatest smartphones, Consumer Cellular has an extensive array of iPhone and Android smartphones with innovative features that will keep your senior family member entertained for hours on end. With these smartphones, you can take incredible photos, watch videos in high definition, and multitask as much as you want.

Flip Phones

If you want something compact, easy to keep, and reliable, then perhaps you’d be more interested in getting a flip phone. This type of mobile device is easy to use and navigate, perfect for older folks who aren’t fond of the latest technology. Plus, many flip phones have an emergency button that can quickly dial emergency contacts.

Wireless Home Phone Base

A wireless home phone base allows you to disconnect your landline and make your home phone included in your phone plan.


Grandpads allow seniors to easily communicate and stay up to date with their family members and other loved ones. Grandpads have a simple interface that’s especially easy to navigate, along with the most basic of features. Your parents of grandparents will surely have a wonderful time without feeling confused.

Is Consumer Cellular’s Customer Service Good?

Unfortunately, Consumer Cellular’s customer service team isn’t the best. Many Consumer Cellular reviews have complained about the long waiting times, along with miscommunications. For instance, some customers have contacted customer service to close their Consumer Cellular’s account, but they still continued to get charged in their bank accounts.


Compared to other network operators, Consumer Cellular isn’t the most affordable company out there. However, if your area has good AT&T or T-Mobile coverage, then you may want to check out this company. Besides, Consumer Cellular also offers AARP discounts, which may be something you want to avail.

If you don’t have the patience to converse with customer service though, you may have some trouble with Consume Cellular, as many customers have had issues when it comes to contacting the company’s representatives.

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