7 Best Websites to Start an Online Petition

Social and political activists can use numerous tools, including starting an online petition to have governments and institutions listen to their voices. However, not everyone knows how to create an online petition. 

For this reason, we have gathered a list of the best websites where you can create or support a petition, especially for issues that affect you and your community. This post will also discuss starting an online petition that will get more people involved in your cause.   

Best Online Petition Websites

1. Change.org

This website is instrumental in raising awareness about important political and social causes through petitions. In recent years, Change.org has evolved into a social enterprise where people can take more activities such as partnering with leading nonprofits. 

Aside from signing petitions and posting comments, you can also donate to some of their fundraising pages. Basic membership is free. However, if you want to unlock customized pages and other exclusive features, you must pay a $20 a month fee. 

2. Thepetitionsite.com

Care2, a social networking website, also has its online petition site that utilizes a simple online form letter where you can sign and send it off in a breeze. The platform helps connect activists from all corners of the world to make an impact. 

Creating a petition on the platform is also relatively easy, and you can even customize how your petition page would look like. Viewers can also view the petition statement next to the form. Most members often participate in petitions that appeal to them. 

3. iPetitions

This free online petition platform offers tools and even physical space where you can host your petition and gather signatures. You can also build a community that cares about the most prevalent issues of today. 

You can do many things around the platform, such as a blog about your petition, creating questionnaires, designing your petition form, and even tracking your petition’s data in real-time. Most of iPetition’s operational costs are covered by donations and advertising, allowing users to use their platform without spending a single dime. 

4. Causes

Causes is a platform meant to gather people who want to change the world for the better. You can make meaningful connections and interact with like-minded people. The website can also help your cause known to your congressman or district representative. 

Causes enable fundraisers to seek money from their contacts and recruit volunteers to help with a cause. People using the site to interact can also fund fundraising by sharing Cause profiles on their Facebook pages.

5. Civist 

This platform allows users to create online petitions using WordPress. To start a petition, you must first install a WordPress plugin. Then, register with Civist, start a petition and publish it so supporters can rally around your call. 

Furthermore, Civist also helps you find more potential supporters by saving your contacts into your mailing list manager. You can even export their information to a CSV file so you can further process them. The website can also help you raise funds and build a strong network of supporters. 

6. GoPetition 

GoPetition is one of the leaders in hosting international petitions and has millions of members spread across over a hundred countries. The website has no political affiliations and allows free speech from different political and social perspectives. 

Creating a petition is relatively straightforward and follows almost the same steps as the ones previously mentioned. GoPetition also has tools to help you improve your campaign. Users can also easily find causes that resonate with their interests. 

7. SumOfUs

This global non-profit organization mainly focuses on advocacies that hold corporations accountable for workers’ rights, climate change, corruption, and more. SumOfUs’ core mission is to use rapid-response campaigns to promote corporate accountability.

Starting an account and joining a cause is also reasonably straightforward. Moreover, the website is open about where the funds come from and how they usually spend their donations. The website is also available in four other significant languages aside from English.  

How to Start an Online Petition

  1. Go to one of the websites listed above and create an account.  
  2. Once your account is active, click on the Start a Petition button or any similar section on the website of your choice. 
  3. Choose which category your petition is about, such as Environment, Human Rights, Health, Animals, Politics, Local, etc. 
  4. Next, write your petition title. Make sure that it encapsulates what you want to achieve. Select Continue to move to the next stage. 
  1. Then, select the recipient of your petition. It doesn’t need to be just your government. You can also address it to a group of people, a community, or organizations involved in the issue. Select Continue
  2. Next, explain the problem that you think needs to be solved. Explain who is affected by the situation, why everyone should be concerned, and what actions the people or group involved could take to solve it. You can also include the positive effect or advantages should this issue or problem be resolved. Click  Continue once you are finished typing. 
  3. Then, upload a video or photo which you think is relevant to the petition. Click Save and Preview once the page after the file has been uploaded.
  4. After reviewing your petition and making sure everything is in place, click Publish.   

Once you publish your petition, it will be live on the website. You can then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites so people can view and sign your petition. 

You can also click on Copy Link to post it on different online platforms like blog pages or chat rooms

Sign Up to Take Action 

The right to petition is often included in the constitution of most democracies in the world. There are countless examples where a petition backed by the people has changed how the government and some organizations do things.  

Aside from online petition websites, you can air your grievances and file petitions directly to petition sections of your government. The White House, for example, has its petition site, the same thing with the European Parliament. 

Let us know what you think about creating and signing an online petition by writing your comments below. 

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