5 Best Sites to Test Your Monitor Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is one of the most important metrics to determine the quality of a display. But how do you check the monitor refresh rate?

Simply reading a label is not enough. To determine what the refresh rate of your monitor is in practice, you need to use a tool that checks this performance in real-time. Here are the five best online sites for doing this.

What Is Refresh Rate And Why Do You Need to Test It?

Visuals on a screen are created by displaying multiple still images in sequence. The faster these sequences pass by, the more convincing the illusion, making the video look smoother.

This is known as the frames-per-second, or FPS. But the frame rate of the video or game in question is not the only factor in video quality. The monitor has to be capable of rendering that many frames every second as well.

This is where the refresh rate comes in. Simply put, the refresh rate of a display is the number of frames it can show every second. The higher the refresh rate, the better the picture quality you get. This is why you need to test your display and determine if its refresh rate is actually enough for your gaming or video needs.

1. TestUFO

This is one of the easiest tests to run, and also one of the most accurate. Just open the site and let it work its magic. TestUFO will automatically sync with your browser and check the refresh rate of the monitor. The results are displayed in the middle of the screen.

It’s advised to close all other running programs and browser tabs while running the test to minimize any interference. In case the internet is choppy, the tool will display a warning at the bottom. Wait until it shows a green “Ready” to confirm the results.

TestUFO also offers other tools to test additional parameters of your monitor. For example, you can check your display for frame skipping, which comes in handy if you are overclocking your monitor.

2. DisplayHZ

Simple and minimalistic, this test does what it says: display the refresh rate of your monitor in Hertz (Hz). The test is notable for how quickly it works, giving you a result in mere seconds. This is much faster than most similar tools in the market.

It’s an improved version of an older tool called Vsync Tester (which might still be better for older devices). Its accuracy is unmatched, giving you the refresh rate in six decimal points, which is leagues ahead of the competition.

This tool is especially useful when comparing multiple displays, as most screens will show roughly the same values. The additional precision allows for a better comparison to be made.

3. Display Test

This nifty little tool can test your display and quickly determine its refresh rate. While it shows results only to a single decimal point, the value is determined in seconds.

Display Test works on most browsers including Apple WebKit and Mozilla’s Gecko-based offerings, apart from Chrome, of course. It also has a better UI than most such tools, making it easy to use and understand.

Just head to the website and hit the Go button. The test will be executed quickly, showing the results on a speed dial.

4. Eizo Monitor Test

We have listed this on number four, but this is probably the most comprehensive tool on the list. The Eizo Monitor Test doesn’t just test the refresh rate of your monitor, but everything about it.

Defective pixels, color distances, sharpness, viewing angle – this tool tests your monitor on all important technical aspects. It is also fully customizable, allowing you to choose which of the tests to run, so you can just use the refresh rate test if in a hurry.

These features make the Eizo monitor test a very helpful asset in diagnosing monitor issues. You should use the site to check your monitor from time to time to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

5. Frames-Per-Second

This tool works a bit differently. Instead of just displaying the numeric value of your refresh rate, it actually shows different refresh rates in action.

When you open Frames-Per-Second, you will be greeted with a repeating animation of two spherical objects bouncing back and forth over a moving background. Each of these images runs on a different fps, demonstrating how different frame rates appear in action.

You can modify these numbers to your liking, setting each animation at any fps you want. Things like Motion Blur can also be set to get an accurate gauge of how these frame rates look in comparison.

Which Is the Best Site To Test Your Monitor Refresh Rate?

If you’re looking for the best precision and accuracy possible, DisplayHZ is the tool you are looking for. It provides results up to six decimal places and works quickly.

For a more holistic look at your monitor, you must use the Eizo monitor test. It will help in testing your device for all sorts of visual issues, making sure it is working properly.

Whether you’re checking the specs of an old monitor or thinking of upgrading to a new one, the refresh rate is one of the core features to consider. And with these tools, you can determine where your display stands.

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