9 Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go is a unique game and became widely popular upon its release. Every day new users are starting their own Pokemon journeys. 

Pokemon Go is a simple concept, but there are many details the average player may not know. In this article, you’ll find some of the essential Pokemon Go tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your playtime. 

1. Trade Pokemon for Candies

As you move further along in Pokemon Go, you’re bound to pick up quite a few Pokemon you don’t need. Instead of just letting them take up space, you can transfer these Pokemon to the professor and get some Candies in return. 

Candies are important and extremely beneficial in Pokemon Go, as you need them to power those Pokemon you are planning to use. 

2. Focus on XP Before You Power Up Pokemon

It will take a lot more Candies to power up your Pokemon if you have low XP, and therefore may be prudent to wait until you have more XP. 

Some quick ways to initially gain a lot of XP are to catch Pokemon (even better if you can nail them with an Excellent throw), interact with new Pokestops and add friends and send them gifts.  Adding friends is especially useful because you can get a lot of XP whenever you move up in friend levels with someone. When you become Best Friends, you get a Lucky Egg, which, when used, can double any XP you get. 

3. Pokestops

Another important feature in Pokemon Go is the Pokestops, which are real landmarks around the area you live in real life. At these stops, you can spin their sign to get rewards. Once you spin the sign, you can skip the mini-game that ensues by exiting, and you’ll receive all your rewards. 

You can also claim rewards from Pokestops multiple times; you’ll just need to wait a few minutes between each attempt. 

4. Consider What Gyms to Take Over

When you take over Pokemon Gyms in a game, you’ll choose a Pokemon to defend it. Every time players try to take over the Gym, and your Pokemon defeats them, you’ll get some Coins in return.

However, you may want to be careful about which Gyms you take over and their location. For example, if you try to take over a popular Gym that often gets taken over, you won’t get much in return, especially if you use a strong Pokemon to defend it who gets defeated quickly. Conversely, a Gym that isn’t visited much probably won’t give you many Coins either, although you likely can defend it longer. 

Instead, aim for Gyms that get average traffic and defend them with a strong Pokemon. This way, even if a good number of people attempt to take it over, you’ll be able to keep it for a while. 

5. Pokemon Types

As in the actual Pokemon games, Pokemon types play a role in Go, too. However, the type matchups are slightly different. Below is a list of types and what they’re strong against:

  • Water: Fire, Rock, Ground
  • Fire: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel
  • Grass: Rock, Water, Ground
  • Ghost: Psychic
  • Steel: Ice, Fairy, Rock
  • Fighting: Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark, Normal
  • Bug: Grass, Dark, Psychic
  • Electric: Flying, Water
  • Dark: Psychic, Ghost
  • Fairy: Dark, Fighting, Dragon
  • Flying: Fighting, Grass, Bug
  • Ground: Electric, Fire, Poison, Steel, Rock
  • Ice: Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon
  • Poison: Grass, Fairy
  • Psychic: Fighting, Poison
  • Rock: Fire, Bug, Ice, Flying
  • Normal: None
  • Dragon: Dragon

6. Remote Raids

When COVID-19 took hold in 2020, Pokemon Go announced Remote Raids, which allow you to join a Raid without being in the area. During a Raid, you defeat a boss Pokemon with other players. You typically need a Raid Pass to do so. 

By completing Remote Raids, you can get some rare Pokemon without going to the physical location where the Raids may be taking place. 

7. Find Nearby Pokemon

You can use the Pokemon Locator feature to get an augmented view of the location you’re at and the Pokemon in that area. You can then focus on finding the Pokemon that you want. 

8.Hatch Eggs In Vehicles

When you’re hatching eggs, the app only takes the distance traveled into account and ignores whether you’ve walked or not. As a result, hatching eggs is a lot easier while you’re in a car, a bus, a bike, or a run. 

9. Evolve Eevee By Naming Them

If you have an Eevee, there are several different evolutions the Pokemon can take. The easiest way to evolve an Eevee into your desired evolution in Pokemon Go is by naming them before they evolve. Below is a list of the evolutions and what you need to name your Eevee to get them:

  • Umbreon: “Tamao”
  • Sylveon: “Kira”
  • Glaceon: “Rea”
  • Espeon: “Sakura” 
  • Leafeon: “Linnea”
  • Flareon: “Pyro”
  • Vaporeon: “Rainer”
  • Jolteon: “Sparky”

Pokemon Go can be a lot more fun if you have these tips in your arsenal. If you have additional tricks, do share them in the comments below. 

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