8 Best Websites to Learn Python Programming

Python is a powerful programming language that can open the doors to many professional spheres, like web development, software design, data analytics, and more. Why should you choose Python over other programming languages, though? Mainly because it’s easy to learn and use.

There are many resources and tools that you can find on the web to self-train in Python programming. We put together a list of the best websites that you can use to learn Python online. 

  • Python tips and tricks from Python creators
  • Perfect for complete beginners 
  • Slow pace of learning to make sure you learn every concept before you move on to the next

Some might find it surprising, but one of the best places to start your journey into Python programming is the official Python website. The language creators made a Python tutorial that you can use to learn the basics of the language, even if you’re a complete beginner.

In fact, the Python Tutorial is more suitable for beginners than people who already have experience in programming. It’s slowly paced with clear imagery and plenty of time to get the hang of every topic. However, if you’re not new to this, you might find the tutorial a little too slow. 

  • Perfect for the users who already have background knowledge and some experience with Python
  • Coding puzzles that allow you to test your programming knowledge
  • Puzzles are divided into categories by their difficulty 
  • Ability to see what other people submit and learn from them

If you find the official Python Tutorial a little dull or slow, the CodeWars might be a good place for you to start. CodeWars is a set of puzzles that can help you test your existing Python knowledge and assess your strengths and weaknesses before continuing your learning process.

The puzzles in CodeWars are called katas and are categorized according to their difficulty levels. Once you complete a puzzle, you can check how other people solve them and learn from their solutions. 

  • A great YouTube playlist for those who prefer visual means of learning
  • Easy introduction into Python’s basics through short and medium-length videos
  • Ability to sit down and learn Python basics through one full 4-hour long course

FreeCodeCamp is a great YouTube channel that you can use to learn programming for free. Aside from Python, they cover other topics like DevOps, Java, C++, ethical hacking, and more. You can access their courses for free at any time and can decide how quickly or slowly your learning will progress. 

FreeCodeCamp has a whole playlist with video tutorials dedicated to learning Python, starting with the main video that’s a 4-hour long full-course on Python for beginners. 

  • A structured Python course perfect for solo learning.
  • All information is divided into modules, starting from the beginner-friendly basics and gradually moving to the more advanced stuff.
  • Every module ends with a quiz for you to check your knowledge.

SoloLearn is a platform for those users who prefer modular learning where new information is based on something that you’ve previously learned in this course. The whole course consists of 10 different modules, the first being the basic Python programming language concepts. 

SoloLearn will help you learn Python step by step without rushing you into the new learning environment that you’re not ready for. 

  • A free e-book on Python programming language
  • Straight to the point: the author wastes no time and gives you only the necessary information to learn Python
  • Not suitable for complete beginners

A Byte of Python is a free book about programming using the Python language that you can read online. This book is one of the most extensive resources on Python that you’ll find online. However, it has its drawbacks. If you’re a complete newbie and don’t have any previous programming experience, you might find yourself lost. 

A Byte of Python, while an excellent site to learn Python, jumps into things a little too quickly and isn’t at all beginner-friendly. But, if you feel like you’re a fast learner or already know the language, this is an excellent book to broaden your horizons. 

  • User-friendly tutorials with clear illustrations.
  • All topics are organized in blog posts.
  • The website features a search function for easy navigation. 

If you’re someone who can’t learn from books and want something a little more interactive, welcome to Real Python Tutorials. This site is more like a blog about Python programming, where you learn each topic by going through blog posts one by one.

You can practice your new skills right after you read each blog post or jump straight into a specific topic using the search function on the site. Real Python is suitable for beginners and advanced users as it covers practically everything there’s to know about the Python programming language. 

  • Best online resource if you already have some programming experience
  • Great for visual learning the syntax of the Python language
  • Ability to learn Python in 15 mins

Learn X in Y minutes is an online educational resource that has a section on Python programming language. The way the information is presented differs from other sources on our list. Here, you’ll need to have some previous programming experience to appreciate this course’s form and substance.

The best part about this Python tutorial is that you can skim through the information in less than 15 mins. After that, you’ll already be acquainted with Python and will be able to dive in deeper using a different learning source with more confidence. 

  • A practical approach for learning Python
  • Learn from expert programmers through their uploaded solutions
  • Fix exceptions and earn Bitcoin 

Fix Exception is an excellent website for those who want to learn to use Python through practice. Their approach is called the fix exception method. The website’s goal is to solve exceptions found in different PIP packages. As anyone can access the detailed exception fixes that get uploaded on the website, this is an excellent opportunity for a beginner Python programmer to learn from the experts.

Also, once you get the hang of it, you can try and become one of those experts yourself and start earning Bitcoin on Fix Exception for solving the exceptions posted on the site. 

Want to Learn Python? Google It!

Each of the websites on this list is an excellent alternative to taking a programming class. When learning Python online, you’re the one in charge of how fast or slow you move through the course and which topics you need to cover. 

If you decide that you crave a more structured learning process, give Google’s Python class a try. It’s a free class for anyone with some programming experience who wants to learn Python. 

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