How to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone and Android

When you buy a new SIM card, the unique identifier (i.e., phone number) assigned to the SIM card is often printed on the packaging. However, some carriers don’t pre-assign phone numbers to SIM cards until they’re registered or activated.

Say you lose your SIM card packaging or can’t remember the phone number assigned to your SIM card. How else do you find your phone number? Finding your phone number is pretty straightforward if you have an Android or iOS device.

The steps, however, will vary depending on your phone’s model, operating system, user interface (UI), etc. This tutorial will show you how to find your phone number on Android phones, iOS devices, and even feature phones. You’ll also learn how to find your phone number from a Mac and Windows computer.

Find Your Phone Number on iPhone and iPad

When you insert your SIM card in your iPhone or iPad, Siri will auto-detect your phone number from the settings menu and add it to your contact card.

Launch the Phone app, head to the Contacts tab, and tap your name in the “My Card” section. Alternatively, open the Contacts app and select your name card to see your phone number.

You can remove the phone number if it’s incorrect. Tap the “phone” card, select Don’t Suggest Phone Number, and select Don’t Suggest Phone Number again on the confirmation prompt.

Siri will dissociate the phone number from your contact card and stop suggesting the phone number as yours.

You can also find your phone number from the iOS settings menu. Open the Settings app, select Phone, and check the My Number row for your phone number.

You can always edit or change the phone number if it’s incorrect. Tap My Number, enter the correct phone number, and select Save.

Note that this phone number may differ from your Apple ID number—i.e., the phone number associated with your iCloud account. Apple ID phone number is used for two-factor authentication, sign-in verification, resetting your account password, etc.

To check your Apple ID phone number on iPhones and iPads, open the Settings app, select your Apple ID name, tap Name, Phone Numbers, Email, and check the phone number in the “Reachable At” section.

To set up an additional phone number to your Apple ID account, tap Edit, tap Add Email or Phone Number, and select Add a Phone Number on the pop-up.

Find iPhone Phone Number on Mac

If you’re using a Mac, plug your iPhone or iPad into the Mac using a USB cable and follow the steps below. Note that you may need to enter your device’s passcode.

  1. Launch Finder and select your iPhone or iPad in the “Locations” section on the sidebar.
  1. Select your iPhone’s model name, serial number, or storage information until your phone number appears in the section.
  1. Your iPhone’s phone number will appear next to your IMEI number.
  1. Want to copy the number to your Mac’s clipboard? Right-click or control-click the number and select Copy Phone Number.

Find iPhone Phone Number on Windows

All you need to view your iPhone’s phone number from a Windows computer is a USB cable and the iTunes app. Install iTunes from the Microsoft Store, plug your iPhone into your PC, and follow the steps below.

Note: When you plug your iPhone into your PC, you may get a prompt to grant your PC access to your data. Tap Trust and enter your iPhone’s passcode to proceed if you get the prompt.

  1. Open iTunes and select the phone icon in the toolbar, precisely next to the “Music/Movies/TV Shows/Podcasts/Audiobooks” dropdown menu.

That’ll redirect you to a new page displaying your device’s information.

  1. Head to the “Summary” tab on the sidebar and check the Phone number row to view your iPhone’s phone number.

You’ll find two phone numbers on this page if you have a dual SIM iPhone–” Phone Number 1” for SIM 1 and “Phone Number 2” for SIM 2.

The iTunes app also lets you copy your iPhone’s phone number to the clipboard. Right-click the number and select Copy.

Find Your Phone Number on Android

The steps to check your phone number in Android may vary depending on your device’s model and operating system version. Nonetheless, Android also has several built-in mechanisms for checking your mobile phone number.

You can check the phone number associated with your SIM card from the settings menu, the Messages app, and using carrier-specific USSD codes.

Find Phone Number in Android Settings Menu

Open the Settings app, select About phone, and check the Phone number rows for your mobile phone number.

If you don’t use the stock Android interface (e.g., Samsung and LG, for example), go to Settings > About device (or About phone) > Status > My phone number.

Android will list the multiple phone numbers if your phone uses more than one SIM card slot/port. If your phone number is listed as “Unknown,” restart your phone and check again. You can also try removing and reinserting your SIM card.

If your phone number remains listed as “Unknown,” check if it’s running the latest Android version. Otherwise, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update and ensure your phone has the latest Android version.

Find Phone Number in the Messages App

The Messages app settings menu is another fast route to find your phone number on Android. Open the Messages app, select the menu icon in the top-left corner, and select Settings. Afterward, select Advanced and check the bottom of the screen for your device’s phone number.

Use USSD Codes or Contact Your Network Carrier

Some cellular networks have unique shortcodes for checking phone numbers. These codes are mostly cost-free, and the result is instant. Dial the shortcode and the number assigned to the SIM card on your phone will appear on the screen as a service message. Some cellular carriers may send your phone number an SMS or text message.

A simple Google search should reveal your carrier network’s USSD code for checking phone numbers. Better yet, contact your network carrier via phone call—particularly if you own a feature phone or can’t access the internet.

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