8 Best Places to Find Free Notion Templates

8 Best Places to Find Free Notion Templates

If you use Notion at all, you are probably familiar with Notion templates and the customization they offer. With the right combination of templates, your Notion workspace has the potential to become an all-in-one project management solution.

Even if you don’t collaborate with a team on Notion and only use the app to organize your own daily tasks, a good template can be a great productivity boost. And while you can of course build your own workspace from scratch, starting with a template is much easier.

So here are the best places to find free and good Notion templates.

1. Notion Picks

If you are looking for good Notion templates, the official site should be your first stop. Notion offers a large number of useful templates like habit trackers or meal planners for free.

Most of these templates are designed by the community, and Notion merely curates and features the best on its template gallery. The collection is organized into various categories, making it easier to find the best Notion templates for the job.

2. Notion Wizard

Notion Wizard is a site devoted to Notion tips and tricks. You will find walkthroughs, how-to guides, and of course, some good templates. The site is a godsend if you want to use Notion to its fullest potential.

Here you will find all popular options like the Kanban board or the daily journal template, completely free to use. There are also things like the grocery list or weekly agenda template which can be handy even if you are not using Notion for work.

3. Red Gregory

Red Gregory is a Notion appreciation blog with a massive collection of free Notion templates. In sheer numbers, it is probably the largest list of templates you will find on the internet – 200 and counting.

To help you find the right choice for you, the templates are divided into various categories and sorted by their date of addition. You will find the right templates for almost all use cases, from a simple to-do list to complex budget managers.

4. Nick Lafferty

While sites like Red Gregory are great in offering you a large number of options, sometimes you don’t have time to try them all out and find something that works. Sometimes, all you want is a handful of amazing templates with a proven track record.

Nick Lafferty’s blog is an excellent resource in such cases. Built around increasing productivity, Nick Lafferty offers various free productivity tools for anyone to download. Among these is a curated list of 32 Notion templates geared toward boosting productivity.

There are some incredible Notion templates in this collection, like the Eisenhower Matrix and the Productivity system, along with the popular Bullet journal and Meal planner templates.

5. RadReads

RadReads is another Notion blog with a wonderfully curated list of the most useful Notion templates. And unlike other such compilations, RadReads also goes on to inform you of the purpose of each of those templates, saving you from having to try them out individually.

If these 11 free Notion templates prove insufficient for you, the list ends with links to numerous other blogs offering nice templates like Marie Poulin or William Nutt’s collections.

6. Notion Pages

Notion Pages mirrors the more visual presentation of the official Notion Picks, arranging the templates in a gallery on the front page. The templates are accessible with a click and include a brief description to tell you what it is for.

While not as many as Notion’s official gallery, there are nevertheless many great templates on this site, along with an advanced tips section that has some sage advice from experienced Notion users.

7. Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank offers many Notion courses on his website, along with tips and tricks to boost productivity. And of course, a bunch of well-designed templates.

Though small in number, the quality of each template is above average, with a professional touch that is evident in the streamlined interface. You can easily duplicate any of these minimalistic templates and build upon them, creating personally customized Notion templates for your own needs.

8. Prototion

You might be wondering why Prototion is on the list. After all, the website is known for its Pro Notion templates sold as bundles. The thing is, there are quite a few templates on the website that are available for free.

Ranging from financial trackers to aesthetic Notion templates, there are many great free options on Prototion. Just use the View All Notion templates button and then select the Free checkbox to filter out the paid options. You will find a bunch of useful Notion templates.

Where Can You Find the Best Free Notion Templates?

Notion is used in many ways by many people. From a personal Wiki to a professional task management tool, a Notion workspace can wear many hats.

All it takes to customize your Notion setup is a template. With templates, you can use Notion as a Trello-like Kanban board or just a note-taking application. These templates work across both Android and iOS, so all you need is a good source to get them.

The websites mentioned in this article feature some of the best Notion templates that can be integrated with various workflows to boost performance. Whether you are a student who uses Notion as a mood board or a startup looking for an easy-to-use CRM tool, there is a template for everything.

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