7 Best Apps to Play With Friends on iPhone and Android

7 Best Apps to Play With Friends on iPhone and Android

One of the best parts about the internet is connecting with friends and loved ones. Over time, it has become easier and more accessible, and there are many ways you can virtually hang out with people. A popular way to connect with others online is through apps and mobile games. No matter what kinds of games and activities you and your friends enjoy, it’s sure there will be an app to cater to it. 

In this list, we’ve chosen the best games available on the iPhone/iPad App Store or Android Google Play Store that allow you to play with friends. From racing games to trivia, you’ll find something everyone can enjoy. 

1. Draw Something Classic

Have some artists in your friend group? Whether you’re creatively inclined, Draw Something is an addictive, fun game. It came out quite a while ago and was a smash hit, and today it’s still one of the best game apps you can play with your friends. 

You can choose to play with friends by adding them through email or username or finding them on Facebook. You pick a word you want your friend to guess through your drawing. Your friend will then draw something themselves for you to guess. The game is similar to Pictionary. It’s a simple premise but incredibly fun. 

Draw Something Download for iOS 

Draw Something Download for Android

2. Mario Kart Tour

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? This app is a great way to play the classic game with your friends. All you need to play is a Nintendo account and a Wi-Fi connection. Then, you can set up a multiplayer room from there with a code you can give to your friends to join a tournament.

The controls for this game are easy to get the hang of, especially if you’ve ever played any of the other Mario Kart titles. You can compete on different tracks with your friends, using power-ups and speed boosts to try and finish first. If you and your friends are Nintendo fans or just want a good racing game to play, Mario Kart Tour is a perfect option. 

Mario Kart Download for iOS 

Mario Kart Download for Android

3. Trivia Crack 2

Trivia games are timeless. Testing your knowledge on random topics is fun, especially with your friends. And Trivia Crack is one of the best trivia apps for group fun. You can add others through Facebook and start answering as many trivia questions as possible.

The game’s goal is to earn “crowns,” which will allow you to collect characters by answering a question in their category. If you collect every character before your friend, you’ll win the game. The trivia categories range from art, entertainment, science, and more. And even if you’re only knowledgeable in a few categories, you still have an equal chance of winning. 

Trivia Crack 2 Download for iOS 

Trivia Crack 2 Download for Android

4. WikiRaces 3

One of the more unique yet entertaining games out there is WikiRaces. The point of the game is deceptively simple: follow Wikipedia links from a starting article until you get to a specific end article. The game developers created this game for the desktop; however, this app allows you to play with all your friends on mobiles. 

To start playing with others, all you need to do is create your own game and then share the game code with your friends. You can then race to get to the correct article in the fastest time possible. 

WikiRaces 3 Download for iOS 

5. Would You Rather

This is a classic game you’ve probably played with people at one point or another. However, with this app, you can make the game even more fun by letting the app do the work to create insane situations. Also, once you tap on your chosen situation, you can see the percentage of other people who chose either answer. 

This is a great app to take out as a party game or even just with a small group of friends to kill some time, have some laughs, or even start some ridiculous debates over which option is better. Overall it’s a well-made virtual game that’s easy to pull out at any time to play with friends. 

Would You Rather Download for iOS 

Would You Rather Download for Android

6. Brawlhalla

Fighting games can provide hours of fun (and some aggravation) for you and your friends. Brawlhalla is a cross-platform game, so if you have the app on your phone, you can also play with friends on their PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and more. 

You can pick from a huge selection of characters in the game, each with their special weapons and abilities. The gameplay controls are very similar to Super Smash Bros., with different moves corresponding to certain button combinations. If you and your friends are fans of fighting games, this is a great app to play together on game night.

Brawlhalla Download for iOS 

Brawlhalla Download for Android

7. Scrabble Go

Word games are incredibly popular, but the classic board game Scrabble still ranks among the best. Scrabble Go is a great app that allows you to play multiplayer Scrabble online with your friends, especially if you don’t have time to meet and play the game’s physical version. 

The app version works the same as the board game, where you use the letter tiles to create words. Each letter gives you a certain amount of points, and you should make the longest words possible to score the most points. You can play with a friend one-on-one or start a multiplayer game to play with up to 3 other friends. 

Scrabble Go Download for iOS 

Scrabble Go Download for Android

Spend Time With Friends Playing These Games

All the mobile apps listed above are great options for you and your friends to play together. If you need some entertainment options, checking out some of these games would be a good move. You can have fun guessing drawings, answering trivia, racing, etc. 

Have you played any of the games we listed with your friends? Let us know below.

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