Best Ways to Track Nintendo Switch eShop Sales

Best Ways to Track Nintendo Switch eShop Sales

The Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch is a great way to find new video games to play. Besides all the big Nintendo games, you can also find many smaller indie games. Another significant aspect of the eShop is that there are nearly always sales going on, and you can expect almost every game on the eShop to go on sale at some point.

However, it can get tiresome to track eShop sales yourself. Even if you add games to your wishlist, you have to make an effort to always go on and check if the games you want are on sale. Instead of doing this, there are more efficient ways to keep track of eShop sales and get the best deals on the games you want.

Both smartphone apps and websites are available that will keep track of eShop sales for you, notify you when the games you want are on sale and offer other features. We have gathered some of the best apps and websites you can use.

NT Deals is the best way to track Nintendo eShop deals on your phone. It lists all games and Nintendo applications on the eShop and their current price on both the eShop and Amazon. You can add a game to your wishlist and get notified when the price drops. The Price Stats is handy for past price changes of this game. This can help you predict when a game may go on sale and what price it typically goes on sale.

Besides these features, you can find video reviews, ratings, and information about different editions and DLC for each game. This app is great because you can get notifications when a game goes on sale.

You can upgrade to premium for features like ad removal, in-depth price tracking, and more. Premium is a one-time purchase of $9.99.

Deku Deals is one of the top websites for tracking Nintendo eShop sales. You can find prices on the eShop and at most major retailers for each game, price history, game ratings, screenshots, and more. Once you create an account on the site, you can add games to a wishlist and get notified via email when a game you want goes on sale. You can even set it up to tell you only when the game reaches a desired price or goes on sale in a desired format. You can add games you own to your collection list or create custom lists.

This website is great for tracking sales in the eShop and at major retailers if you prefer physical copies of your games. Deku Deals has many great features to help you build your Switch game library on a budget.

This website has a straightforward format, listing all Nintendo Switch games for you and allowing you to quickly add them to your wishlist. You can see both Nintendo eShop prices, Amazon digital game prices, and Amazon physical game prices. After creating an account and adding games to your wishlist, NintyPricer will notify you through email once a game you want goes on sale.

This site has fewer features than other sites listed, but it’s a great option if you want something simple and easy to use.

PS Prices is perfect for Nintendo Switch. It’s ideal for tracking game prices for Playstation and Xbox store prices. With each game, you’ll get current price information and price history. When you sign up for an account, you can choose games to get email notifications. You can also set a price threshold, so you only get emails when a game drops past a specific price.

You can also opt for the premium version of the site for $2.99 a month, $29.99 a year, or $89.99 for life. The premium tier will give you extra features like no ads, dark mode, game release notifications, advanced game recommendations, and more. However, the free version is just as useful, so this site is a good choice overall.

The r/NintendoSwitchDeals subreddit provides daily links to tons of games going on sale in the Nintendo eShop. If you don’t have specific games you want to be notified of, this can be a great way to find price drops on games.

You can also use this subreddit along with the other platforms mentioned, to discover deals on games you may have never heard of before. One helpful aspect of this subreddit is that you can sort posts by online deals and deals at major retailers like Walmart or Best Buy.

Get Your Favorite Switch Games Cheap With These Sale Trackers

Game prices these days can get pretty hefty, so it’s wise to snag Nintendo games on sale whenever possible. Instead of trying to do the tracking all by yourself, these resources make it incredibly easy and efficient to get to the best prices on games you’ve always wanted.

What games do you hope to see on sale in the Nintendo eShop? Let us know in the comments.

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