10 Best Minecraft Seeds in 2023

10 Best Minecraft Seeds in 2023

Great Minecraft seeds let you load worlds that have interesting and cool features. For example, they might provide quick access to strongholds, have scenic landscapes for building, or have many rare structures nearby.

If you’re looking for the best seeds in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain the ten best Minecraft seeds you can use to create your next Minecraft world.

What Are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft seeds are codes that let you generate cool worlds that other people have found. By plugging the seed into the Minecraft world generator, you tell Minecraft to generate that world rather than creating a new, random seed.

Seeds work differently depending on whether you use the Bedrock or Java Edition. This means they’ll work differently across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

All the seeds we list in this article focus on Minecraft 1.19, but we’ll mention when the seed is compatible with older versions (like Minecraft 1.18) or the newer Trails and Tails update.

Note: Coordinates are formatted as they are in-game, like: (x, y, z). For example, if we write (-36, 200, 150) we mean X=-36, Y=200, and Z=150.

With that out of the way, here are the ten best Minecraft seeds in 2023.

1. The Woodland Mansion Seed

In this seed, you’ll spawn directly on top of a Woodland Mansion that’s surrounded by a village. Both the village and Mansion extend into a small mountain. Following the mansion, you’ll find an intricate dripstone cave system and great views over the surrounding biomes.

This seed combines multiple biomes in close proximity, including dark oak valleys, desert, jungle, Nether, and badlands. There’s also a Jungle Temple village with a ruined portal and a Desert Temple not too far away.

In other words, it’s an awesome seed to spur your imagination for building or start off strong with various resources and premade bases.

The seed code: 3187198980363495911

2. The Cherry Grove Seed

The second seed is for the latest Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update. So, to make this seed work, you’ll need to load the latest snapshot of Minecraft (including some beta features).

At (1400, 700), you’ll find a large desert biome that houses two Desert Temples and a desert village. To the north of the desert, you’ll find a Cherry Grove biome perfect for building your starter base and discovering the new Cherry blossoms.

The seed code: -4701114812458603382

3. The Quadruple Dungeon Seed

This is the perfect seed for you if you like a good mob grinder setup. Just below the spawn point, you’ll find a quadruple mob spawner, made up of three interconnected spider spawners and one skeleton spawner.

Remember that to make the most of this seed, you’ll have to act fast. As new updates roll out, dungeon spawn locations generally change first — so soon, this seed might no longer work in the same way!

The seed code: 1184225088627463757

4. The Badlands Desert Village Seed

This seed is ideal for those who like rare seeds with unique building opportunities. Loading into your new world, you’ll find yourself in a massive badlands biome. However, what’s strange is that there’s a tiny patch of desert right in the middle that contains a Pillager outpost ready to be conquered.

Underneath this village, is a small warm-ocean sinkhole that leads into a complicated cavern system with a Desert Temple in one of the cave entrances. This is by far one of the most unique seeds we’ve found.

The seed code: -3122719057099512664

5. The Desert Impact Crater Seed

Seed number 5 spawns you directly next to a desert impact crater. From here, you can easily see a Pillager outpost island across a small river. At this outpost, there are six Allays to free, treasure to loot, and a shipwreck to check out just offshore.

If you like more player versus mob gameplay, this seed is one of the best. Fight off the pillagers and start your new world off in your own Minecraft survival island.

The seed code: -1969673515901189889

6. The Jungle and Desert Village Seed

This seed spawns you right next to an outpost temple village that extends towards a classic jungle biome. The village contains a Jungle Temple (rather than a Desert Temple). You’ll find new biomes near the village like the bamboo river and mangrove swamp.

Nearby, there’s also an exposed cave system ready to be explored.

The seed code: 7005350185126399000

7. The Best Island Seed

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new island castle build, this seed will show you one of the most unique islands out there. In fact, it’s two islands — a smaller circular island surrounded by a crescent-shaped island.

A thin river separates the two islands, and there are scenic beaches the entire way around the outer island. In the center of the middle island, there’s a small hill, and at the bottom of this hill — perfect for building your base on.

The seed code: 980651324984522633

8. The Underground Plains Seed

This is a unique seed where you can find a plains biome (-1663, 54, -975) that has spawned underneath the floor. Here you can create an underground base with a grassy floor, which is a rare occurrence in the Minecraft world generation process.

Even better, Minecraft Bedrock Edition has a Woodland Mansion directly above. And below, there’s a half dripstone, half lush cave system to explore.

The seed code: -6651667694545296722

9. Java Edition – Crazy Ancient City Seed

The Deep Dark biome was added in Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition (Large Biomes). This biome includes the Ancient City, a structure that’s defended by the hard-to-kill Warden.

If you’re yet to find an Ancient City, go no further. In this seed, you’ll find 167 Ancient Cities clumped together in a relatively small area.

Even better, there are multiple Strongholds in the same area, so you won’t have to look far to locate these later in your game — one can be found at (-3260, 6836).

Note: This seed will not be compatible with the Bedrock Edition and won’t spawn the same structures. It’s also compatible with Minecraft 1.18 — so if you’re using an older version, you’re in luck.

The seed code: -4990892028200174228

10. Java Edition – Village, Ocean Monument, Mineshaft Seed

Here’s one for the Java Edition players out there. This is another seed with a rare combination of structures close to each other.

At (105, 119) you’ll find a small forest village on the edge of the ocean. Right off the edge of the shore, there’s an Ocean Monument — fully visible from the water’s edge. Underneath this Ocean Monument, there’s a massive mineshaft for you to explore.

Note: This seed will not be compatible with the Bedrock Edition and won’t spawn the same structures. It’s also compatible with Minecraft 1.18 — so if you’re using an older version, you’re in luck.

The seed code: 5836099

More World Options

Recently, Minecraft developers have been adding a lot of new content to the game, including new biomes, mobs, structures, and more.

But if you’re a Minecraft veteran and you’ve seen everything the game has to offer, why not consider looking into Minecraft mods? That way, when you create new worlds, you’ll have more features to explore.

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