The 10 Best Free Product and Business Name Generators

The 10 Best Free Product and Business Name Generators

Coming up with a name for your product, service, or new business isn’t easy. You want a name that’s catchy, marketable, memorable, and available. If you need ideas, check out these free product and business name generators.

While you can find many similar generators on the web, we’ve handpicked these tools for their unique naming options and additional features. Finding the perfect name takes time, so peruse them all or pick one or two to discover the ideal name for you.

With BrandCrowd, you enter a description and optionally choose a length from short, medium, or long. As a bonus, you can pick a style like modern, professional, creative, or funny which is great for focusing on your underlying concept.

Once you obtain your name suggestions, you can get logo ideas too. Choose one of the names and then see how it looks on several different graphics.

You can then download the logo if you like it as-is or edit the image using BrandCrowd’s built-in editor.

For an online tool you can use to find a product, service, or business name and get a logo at the same time, BrandCrowd is a true winner.

Convas is more than a product name generator. The company helps businesses with customer feedback to better their products and services. The name-generation tool is just an extra feature they offer.

Enter a keyword or two for your product and select Generate. You won’t find hundreds of ideas, but the ones you do get are distinct from similar tools.

You can swap out your keywords and continue to generate new ideas until you find one that suits your product.

After you see the names Convas generates for you, if you would like to look into their other services and features, just use the navigation at the top.

NameLix can help you find the perfect business name using its artificial intelligence tool. Get ideas, filter your results to narrow them down, and then save the names you like.

Enter your keyword, select Generate, and then use the filters right off the bat. You can choose a style like compound words or brandable names. Pick how random you want the name, optionally add a business description, and use additional settings for blacklist words and domain settings.

You’ll then see your results, complete with font styles and colors for a terrific start on your logo. Use the hearts on the bottom to save those you like and return to them later.

You can also check domain name availability and register the domain directly from NameLix, which takes you to Namecheap to get started.

For a business name generator and domain assistance all in one, head to NameLix.

Similar to NameLix, you can generate a business name and grab the domain in one spot using Shopify. Along with a free name generator, you can take advantage of the site’s ecommerce features for selling, marketing, and managing your business.

Enter a word or two for your company, select Generate names, and view your results. Depending on your keywords, you can receive up to hundreds of different options.

If you see a name you want to use, select the arrow to the right to create a Shopify ID and get started. Then, set up shop or market your business with Shopify’s tools or simply jot the name down for safekeeping.

With Squadhelp, you can view tons of business or product names and check domain availability from the start.

Once you add a keyword and select Generate, you’ll see your results. You’ll notice that names come complete with logos to give you some inspiration.

If you want to narrow down your results, use the suggestions at the top for things like modern, classic, witty, or edgy.

You can see if a domain is available or select the name to check the domain availability. You then have the option to purchase a domain name from Squadhelp if you like.

Squadhelp is simple, fast, and provides unique name ideas.

Aptly named, Business Name Generator can help you with exactly that. You can then get the domain, download a logo, or have your name ideas emailed to you.

Enter your keywords, select Get Started, and view your results. You can then use the filters at the top for choosing an industry, language, or style like a single word, short phrase, or alternate spelling.

Select More below the name to see domain extension availability, get logo ideas, or provide your email address to receive your saved names.

Business Name Generator does just what it implies and you’ll appreciate the distinctiveness of the name ideas.

With Turbologo’s name generator, you can get invented, compound, and multiword names for your product, service, or business. This gives you a nice variety to choose from and with fine-tuned results.

If you want more ideas, select Show more at the bottom of a section. Then, choose See details for a name, and you can see the domain availability, logo ideas, alternative similar names, and the option to search the business name on Google.

When you find one or more names you like, you can add them to your favorites for quick access any time.

Turbologo does more than provide logo ideas as its name suggests. Find a product or business name, get the domain, and work with a logo idea right on Turbologo.

On TRUiC, you can generate names, get help with business ideas, find information on forming an LLC, and create a logo.

Enter keywords, an industry, and optionally a location. Select Generate to see a plethora of results.

You can mark your favorite potential names, get discounts on the domain, and generate a logo design for free.

Be sure to take a look at everything TRUiC has to offer for your business beyond its name generator and logo creator. You’ll find helpful articles, FAQs, and reviews for things like website builders, incorporation services, and small business insurance.

When you want the best product name, OpenStore’s name generator is super helpful.

Enter a description, select the tone, and choose the level of creativity. Select Generate Product Names and you’ll see your product name ideas.

Choose a name you like to copy it to your clipboard so that you can paste it in your notes app or business plan. If you want more ideas, select Get More Names to receive another batch.

You can then check out OpenStore’s blog, get help running or selling your Shopify store, or look through some popular brands for inspiration.

One more site you’ll want to look at for your company name is Names4Brands. This one works differently than the others on the list by providing creative business names based on your settings. It’s ideal for coming up with an invented name.

Choose the Custom tab on the generator and enter a word or part of a word. Then, use the drop-down boxes to choose an add-on like a prefix, suffix, or random word and the number of characters for that add-on.

When you select Generate, you’ll see your results. Expand one of the names to see the domain, trademark, and company name availability along with the numerology value.

You can also use the Random tab with a prefix, word, suffix, and number of characters for completely random name ideas. This is great for a catchy product name or truly unique business name ideas.

If you want to create a business name based on your city, state, first or last name, nickname, or even your pet’s name, Names4Brands is the generator to use.

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Whether you have a new product or a startup, finding a distinct name for it is an important starting point. Using these free tools, you can search for a great name that helps instill brand identity with your potential customers.

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