6 Best Faction Servers in Minecraft

6 Best Faction Servers in Minecraft

Since Mojang created Minecraft, people have been looking for a way to make large games with thousands of friends and long-term objectives. That’s how Minecraft Factions came about.

Minecraft Factions are servers that enable players to engage in large-scale PvP content. In Factions servers, players form groups and defend their land and resources against rival factions. Below, we’ll list the six best Faction servers in Minecraft.

1. OP Blocks

OP Blocks is one of the best Minecraft faction servers around at the moment. With multiple servers, including Prison, Survival, Skyblock, and Pixelmon, there’s something for everyone. They also provide servers for both Java and Bedrock Edition.

OP Blocks is presently one of the most (if not the most) popular servers, with up to 4,500 players at any time.

However, to get the most out of OP Blocks, you need to purchase a rank (using real money). Serf, the lowest rank, lets you use basic commands, play minigames, and gain access to a rudimentary kit of a pickaxe and basic materials. This rank has a one-time cost of $21.98. To get the highest rank, you’ll need to spend $439.98.

Server IP Address: fun.opblocks.com

Discord Server: Yes

Popularity: 10/10

2. Complex Vanilla

Complex Vanilla is a Factions server hosted by Complex Gaming. Currently, they have five different types of servers: Prison, Creative, Survival, Skyblock, and Factions, all of which run on Minecraft Java Edition version 1.19.2.

They also host three different Factions worlds. In these, players can fight for their Faction or create a hidden base and attempt to go unnoticed. By killing mobs, players can generate in-game currency and purchase more powerful equipment. And every two months, the servers are reset for another round.

Complex Vanilla is one of the more popular Factions servers around at the moment, with almost 2,000 players spread across their servers.

Unfortunately, as in many Factions servers, Complex Vanilla is somewhat pay-to-win. In-game upgrades can be bought using in-game money (that’s purchased with real money).

Server IP Address: hub.mc-complex.com

Discord Server: Yes

Popularity: 9/10

3. MassiveCraft

MassiveCraft is one of the original Minecraft Faction servers, combining PvP, Factions, survival, roleplay, quests, duels, dungeons, and adventure game modes into a single experience. With multiple maps and several custom plugins, everyone can find something that’s their speed on the MassiveCraft server.

For example, you can join a Faction, create your base, and fight for supremacy. Alternatively, you can create a towny character and make your own unique story in the roleplay hub of Regalia.

MassiveCraft claims to have no pay-to-win features. However, they offer purchasable ranks with cosmetic perks and “fair gameplay” features. Rather than using an in-game currency based on real money, trading is done via silver blocks.

Server IP Address: massivecraft.com

Discord Server: Yes

Popularity: 4/10

4. LemonCloud

LemonCloud, unlike some of the other options on this list, is mostly dedicated to Factions. Because of this, they have many Factions-specific events, kits, and features that improve gameplay considerably.

In their competitive server, players grind for overpowered gear and compete to rule the land. However, to get most of the powerful weapons, armor, and skills, you’ll need to make in-game purchases or buy “Dragon Keys.”

A unique feature LemonCloud provides is the ability for players to create shops and sell items that they’ve designed themselves. This enables players to bypass (somewhat) the pay-to-win nature of the server by generating in-game money (it’s a TNT-based economy) without spending real money.

Server IP Address: play.lemoncloud.org

Discord Server: Yes

Popularity: 5/10

5. Purple Prison

Mostly known for its prison server, Purple Prison also provides a lesser-known Factions server. Having been online since 2014, Purple Prison is one of the longest-running servers on Minecraft. The server runs on Java Edition and uses an older version (Minecraft 1.20) to increase accessibility for players.

Purple Prison provides dozens of server types, including Bedwars, Skywars, Skyblock, Prison, Parkour, LifeSteal SMP, RPG, PvP, Factions, KitPvP, and MiniGames.

Like many of the other servers in this list, Purple Prison suffers from a pay-to-win problem. Veteran players are mostly active spenders on the server, using money to access premium features.

Server IP Address: purpleprison.org

Discord Server: Yes

Popularity: 6/10

6. Advancius Network

Advancius advertises itself as a non-pay-to-win server and offers 100+ free ranks so that new players can dive right in without spending real money. Their goal is to provide a rank system that rewards skill and hard work rather than rewarding whoever spends the most money.

As you gain ranks, you gain new abilities, skills, equipment, and enchantments that increase your power and make you a force to be reckoned with.

Advancius servers include Prison, Factions, Skyblock, Survival Multiplayer (SMP), Creative, and many more game modes, all hosted on the Java Edition with various plugins and mods.

Server IP Address: mc.advancius.net

Discord Server: Yes

Popularity: 4/10

Honorable Mentions

There are dozens if not hundreds of Minecraft Factions servers, and while they aren’t all as good as the six we’ve listed above, many others deserve a mention. If the listed servers didn’t pique your interest, have a look at these:

  1. ManaCube. A long-running Factions server with multiple game modes, daily events, tournaments, and full-time staff moderators. They have thousands of active players but are heavily pay-to-win.
  2. TheArchon. A well-reviewed Factions server with a respected staff team and great community. Usually, around 150 active players are online at any time. The server gets reset every few weeks to keep content fresh.
  3. SnapCraft. A relatively new server with multiple game modes and an active community. They use TNT mechanics in their Factions server to make battles more fun.

Join a Factions Server Today

Factions servers are so great because they allow large groups of gamers to get together, create an army, gather resources, and fight to be the strongest Faction on the server. Unfortunately, many Factions servers are pay-to-win, which is often frowned upon by Minecraft players.

In this server list, we’ve tried to provide a well-rounded list of servers that enable in-game purchases and those that don’t, so hopefully, there’s something for everyone!

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