The Download: Europe vs Chinese EVs, and making AI vision less biased

The Download: Europe vs Chinese EVs, and making AI vision less biased

1 Here’s what’s lurking inside Meta’s AI database
A whole lot of Shakespeare, erotica, and, err, horror written for children. (The Atlantic $)
+ Meta’s latest AI model is free for all. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Hollywood’s writers’ strike may be nearing its end
A tentative agreement has been reached, though AI is still a sticking point. (Insider $)
+ It’ll still take plenty of time to get your favorite shows back on air, though. (Engadget)

3 FBI agents haven’t been trained to use facial recognition properly
But that’s not stopping the bureau from using it anyway. (Wired $)
+ A TikTok account has been doxxing random targets using the tech. (404 Media)
+ The movement to limit face recognition tech might finally get a win. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Making new antibiotics is an expensive business
And plenty of companies have gone bankrupt trying to make it happen. (WSJ $)
+ The future of a US plant that makes drugs for kids is hanging in the balance. (Bloomberg $)

5 A US regulator is combing through Wall Street’s private messages
Bankers are not supposed to use WhatApp and Signal to discuss work matters. (Reuters)

6 To live longer, we need to rid ourselves of old cells
Enter a host of enthusiastic startups ready to rise to the challenge. (Economist $)
+ Can we find ways to live beyond 100? Millionaires are betting on it. (MIT Technology Review)

7 The levels of sea ice in Antarctica has hit a record low
Even experienced scientists say they’re taken aback. (WP $)
+ The Earth could be heading towards forming a grim supercontinent. (The Atlantic $)
+ Unproven tech climate interventions are overhyped. (The Verge)

8 The case against exotic cultivated meat
Tiger steaks may sound intriguing, but they’re a conservational nightmare. (Vox)
+ Lab-grown meat just reached a major milestone. Here’s what comes next. (MIT Technology Review)

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