How to Cancel Your Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Subscription

How to Cancel Your Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Subscription

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the oldest and most popular news outlets in the US. If you’ve found an alternative news source (like the New York Times), or you’re simply looking to cut costs, canceling your Wall Street Journal subscription is easy.

In this article, we’ll explain how to cancel your WSJ subscription without a hassle.

How to Cancel a WSJ Subscription

It’s a shame that censorship-free news sources are often locked behind paywalls. Luckily, there are two ways to cancel a WSJ subscription — via your WSJ account, or by calling the WSJ customer service department.

How to Cancel Your WSJ Subscription Online

To cancel your WSJ subscription via the company’s website:

  1. Open on a web browser on your desktop, Android device, or iPhone, and sign in to the WSJ Customer Center.
  1. Select Manage Subscriptions.
  1. Select your subscription.
  1. Choose Cancel Subscription. You may need to provide your payment method or confirm your credit card details.
  1. Press Confirm and finalize the steps on-screen to cancel your digital subscription.

Note: If you have a quarterly subscription or monthly subscription, you’ll retain your subscription until the end of the current billing period. If you have an annual subscription, you’ll lose access immediately, but you’ll also get a partial refund for the remaining months of your subscription billing cycle.

How to Cancel Your WSJ Subscription By Phone

If you have a print subscription (rather than an online subscription), you’ll need to call a WSJ customer service representative to cancel. Here are the phone numbers for different regions:

  1. US: 1-800-JOURNAL
  2. Europe: +44(0)20 3426 1313
  3. Asia Pacific: 800 901216

If you want to cancel your auto-renewal to Barron’s Magazine, call 1-800-544-0422.

Note: If you’re canceling to save money, don’t forget you can negotiate your monthly bill with a customer service agent. The WSJ will often offer a cheaper annual subscription if you threaten to cancel, and it can be a good way to reduce costs and retain access to a reputable news source.

Save Money, Save Time

Staying abreast of current news is important, but juggling multiple subscription services can quickly become expensive. Sometimes, it’s just easier to unsubscribe and try to get your news for free, rather than dishing out money for multiple paid subscriptions.

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