7 Best Portable Power Stations in 2023

7 Best Portable Power Stations in 2023

A portable power station can come in handy, whether you need a spare power source at home or a way of charging your laptop and camera gear while camping in the wilderness. Alternatives like generators are too large and difficult to maintain, and power banks can’t supply enough power for all your energy-intensive devices. That’s where portable power stations come in and fulfill all your charging needs.

Power stations use larger and more efficient batteries to store and provide electricity, and they are safe to use both outdoors and indoors. They come in different sizes and have different features, so it can be hard to decide which one to invest in. This article will list some of the best portable power stations on the market today, and discuss why they are a top choice depending on your specific needs.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Portable Power Station?

Nowadays, we prefer power stations in most situations over diesel-powered generators, even though the second ones are cheaper. That’s because generators are noisy, and emit toxic carbon monoxide. Not to mention that generators can be a pain to carry on your camping trip, considering they also need fuel.

Power Stations are more expensive, but they have several benefits over generators. They are eco-friendly (and you use solar power to charge them), safe to use, quiet, and very portable. Their efficiency can vary, depending on the size and capacity of the battery. Some are small and easily portable, but their power output is not that great, while others are large and powerful enough to power an AC unit. That said, they can be useful for short trips out in nature when you need to charge your smartphone, laptop, electric grill, or camera battery.

When choosing the right portable power station to meet your needs, you’ll have to consider its size, capacity, time needed to discharge and recharge, as well as its voltage, available outlets, and charging ports. You should also consider what electronic devices you will power up with your power station and how much energy output those devices need.

Finally, you’ll need to consider your budget. Some basic small power stations cost as little as $500, while the big powerful ones can reach a price of several thousands of dollars. It can be hard to achieve the perfect balance between the cost and features, so carefully assess your needs and choose the best power station for your budget.

Best Overall

Price: $3,199

  • Runs almost all appliances.
  • Multiple recharging options.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and app.
  • 3.6-25kWh expandable capacity.
  • 3600 Watts output.
  • Weighs 42.5lbs.

Ecoflow Delta Pro is one of the largest and heaviest power stations out there. That’s because it was designed for indoor use, as an emergency power source for homes, camper vans, and RVs. When it comes to power output, it can easily rival generators. It can power almost all house appliances, tools, and heavy-duty devices as it has an output of 3,600 watts. In fact, it can power up multiple appliances simultaneously.

With the built-in X-Boost technology, Ecoflow Delta Pro can bump the electricity output to an incredible 4,500 watts. This allows it to power up a full-size refrigerator for over 51 hours. That alone makes the Ecoflow Delta Pro a perfect solution for power outages. Once the capacity of its battery is down to 0, this power station can be recharged in two and a half hours. However, the recharge time will depend on the power source you are using. Luckily, you have several options as Ecoflow can be plugged into a standard 120-volt home outlet, EV charging stations, solar panels, or a car power outlet.

Best small and budget-friendly

Price: $399

  • 8 available ports.
  • Quiet design of only 35dB.
  • Capacity of 378 Wh.
  • 400 Watts output.
  • BLE wireless connection and app.
  • Weight 8.6lbs.

The 70mai Power Station Hiker 400 is a compact but versatile portable electricity solution designed for everyone who wants some comfort while enjoying outdoor adventures. It doesn’t have a large battery capacity, but 378 Wh is more than enough considering this power station is so light and portable weighing only 8.6 lbs. It can supply multiple small appliances and devices with its 8 ports. It has three USB-A ports, a 100W USB-C port, a DC cigarette lighter port, a DC 5521 port, and finally two 400W AC ports.

This is truly a small yet versatile power station. You can power up a heater, toaster, or coffee maker, or charge your smartphone, laptop, or camera while on the go. This power station has a quick charge option from multiple sources. An AC fast-charging brick is included. It’ll charge this power station from 0% to 100% in just under three hours. You can also use the USB-C port, or solar panels for recharging your Hiker 400.

Best for RV use

Price: $1,999

  • Battery Capacity of 2048 Wh.
  • 2400 Watts output.
  • 1000W Solar Output.
  • Durable design.
  • 12 ports
  • Weighs 67 lbs.

The Anker 767 PowerHouse is primarily intended for outdoor use. It has a high battery capacity and you can use it to power up some of your home appliances too, but keep in mind running it into your main breaker would take some advanced installation knowledge. Although an amazing device for all those who prefer a lifestyle in nature, it is rather a heavy device to carry around. That’s why it has wheels and a retractable handle, so you can pull it or push it into place. This power station is certainly not for hiking but for camping. It’s designed to power up your camper van and the appliances in it. It even has a TT-30R RV outlet.

The battery capacity is large (although not the largest on the market), with 2048 Wh. However, if you invest in an expansion, the capacity jumps to 4096Wh and that’s impressive. This device also has an incredible selection of ports, 12 in total, and it can power up several devices and gadgets simultaneously. You can connect your laptop through one of two USB-C ports, or one of four AC ports. There are also three USB-A-type ports for charging smaller devices, 2 carports, and the already mentioned T-30R RV outlet.

Also, check out the Anker 757 PowerHouse as an alternative.

Best power station with solar power generation.

Price: $2,946

  • Battery capacity up to 2048 Wh.
  • 2200 Watts output.
  • 17 ports.
  • LCD touchscreen.
  • 900 Watts solar input.
  • Weighs 61.9lbs.

Bluetti AC200MAX was the first power station to use the LiFePo4 type of battery. That means its life cycle was upgraded from 500-1000 charges to 3500 charges, making this power station a great investment as it will last you around 9 years or possibly more depending on use. With 4,800 Watts in surge mode, it will keep your household appliances running even during harsh winter blackouts since it can power up to 17 devices simultaneously. The station is also Bluetooth enabled which means you can control it with a smartphone app.

The Bluetti Power Station truly shines when paired with solar charging panels. That’s why you can buy it with a solar generator kit and receive 3 PV200 monocrystalline portable solar panels with a maximum of 900 Watts solar input. That makes the Bluetti AC200MAX a great outdoor solar generator. In fact, you can charge this power station with solar panels and through the AC outlet simultaneously, and all that in just 2 hours.

Best budget-friendly high-capacity power station.

Price: $1,099

  • Battery capacity up to 1000Wh.
  • 1200 Watts output.
  • 10 ports and sockets.
  • BLE smartphone connection.
  • Weighs 27.5lbs.

The 70mai Tera 1000 has a battery capacity of 1000Wh that can power up all small and medium household devices in your home, car, or camper van. Also, it’s one of the smallest and lightest power stations with a high-capacity battery, which makes it perfect for traveling and camping where packing space is tight. But the best part of the 70mai power station is the great balance between its price and the features it brings.

You can control the Tera 1000 Power station with your smartphone through the Bluetooth app, but it also sports a large LCD screen and controls on the power station front side. It even has an integrated flashlight so you can see the controls in total darkness. It has 10 ports, including three AC and DC ports. The AC/DC Pure Sine Wave inverter is built into the power station, so no need to carry a brick with you. A 200W Anderson port allows it to be connected with solar panels for charging outdoors.

Best durable power station.

Price: $1,099

  • 1000 Wh capacity.
  • Output of 1000 Watts.
  • Power up 8 devices simultaneously.
  • Shock and fire resistant.
  • BMS, Over Voltage, and short circuit protection.
  • Weighs 22.04lbs.

Jackery Explorer 1000 is one of the most popular portable power stations out there because it’s light and easy to use when camping, and organizing outdoor parties or sports events. Explorer 1000 has similar features to the 70mai Tera 1000, but it’s built to take a heavy beating. This makes it a great choice if you are adventurous and you need a power station that can endure rough handling and the elements.

On the other hand, Explorer 1000 has only eight ports. Although this is more than enough for everyday use, it might not be enough if you want to use this power station as an alternative power source for your home during blackouts and emergencies. It also doesn’t have any app connectivity which means it can be controlled only with the controls on the unit itself.

Most versatile power station.

Price: $1,799

  • 1500 Wh capacity.
  • 2000 Watts output.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • Built-in cable storage.
  • Weighs 45.6lbs.

The Yeti 1500X can be used as an emergency home power source, or as an off-grid power bank for camping, road trips, or partying outdoors. It’s also great for powering up CPAP machines or even power tools due to its 2000W output and high-capacity battery. It has enough power to supply four refrigerators with electricity for up to three hours.

However, the Yeti 1500X has a long charge time when using the wall outlet, up to 13 hours. But if you have access to a 600-watt power supply, that time can be cut down to only 3 hours. Other charging options are also available, such as car or solar power charging. The best feature of GoalZero Yeti 1500X is its multiple connection options. You can use either Bluetooth or WiFi to control the unit remotely.

From the compact and versatile options suitable for camping trips to the robust and high-capacity units that can power essential appliances during emergencies, there is a power station for every need. Moreover, with the integration of solar panels, fast-charging capabilities, and smart features, these devices have become more user-friendly and eco-conscious than ever before.

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