Treblab Z7 Pro Hybrid ANC Headphones Review

Treblab Z7 Pro Hybrid ANC Headphones Review

Looking for a pair of decent over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation that won’t break the bank? Check out the Treblab Z7 Pro. While Treblab isn’t a big name like Sony, Bose, or Anker’s Soundcore, they produce decent hardware with impressive specs. Especially considering the low price tag.

Z7 Pro is the company’s premium-grade hybrid active noise canceling headphones that feature comfy earpads, touch controls, and a long battery life. Follow our review of the Z7 Pro wireless headphones to see whether they’re worth your money.

Treblab Z7 Pro: First Impressions & Specs

When you first look at the Treblab Z7 Pro wireless headphones, they look like your typical over-the-ear headphones. The earpieces are large and cushioned, providing a comfy fit over your ears.

What stands out is the right earcup which houses both physical buttons and the touch controls. You can tap it to start or pause music and swipe to change the volume. I always feel like a DJ at my own party whenever I use the touch controls on this headset.

On paper, these headphones promise a great listening experience. They’re good at blocking background noises so that you can enjoy your music without any interruptions. The sound is balanced, which means it’s not too loud or too soft. It’s just right.

Regarding battery life, these headphones perform better than their counterparts from Sony or Bose. You can enjoy your music for up to 45 hours before needing a recharge. And when you do need to charge them up, it’s quick. In just 20 minutes, you get five more hours of music.

The Z7 Pro headphones can fold up, making them easy to carry around. You can toss them in your bag when you’re not using them or put them in a handy carrying case for transportation.

And the best part is that you can get this pair for less than $160. Overall, these headphones seem like a great choice, especially if you’re looking for a nice gift or want to treat yourself to some quality tunes.

Before we dive into the review, here’s the full list of specs of the Treblab Z7 Pro:

  • Dimensions: 3.14 x 7.87 x 6.50 in (79 x 200 x 165 mm)
  • Weight: 8.64 oz, or 0.55 lb, or 245 g
  • Driver: 40 mm diameter
  • Noise cancelation: active, hybrid ANC technology
  • Phone calls: 2 microphones with ENC
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, QCC 3034 Bluetooth chipset
  • Signal range: 33 feet (10 m)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Water resistance: IPX4
  • Battery: 900 mAh 3.7V, playtime up to 20 hours with ANC, charging time 2.5 hours
  • Price: from $159.97 on the Treblab website and on Amazon.

Design and Unpacking

The TREBLAB Z7 Pro wireless headphones come with a design that’s familiar and comfortable. The headphones go over your ears, giving a cozy and secure fit. The earpieces have big, comfortable cushions with a thick layer of memory foam, suitable for prolonged listening sessions. At the same time, the headphones feel very light on your head.

What’s in the Box

Here’s everything you’ll find in the box when unpacking your Treblab Z7 Pro:

  • Treblab Z7 Pro headphones
  • Carrying case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • User’s manual & Treblab sticker

When you first unpack these headphones, you’ll notice a classic design. The outer part of the Z7 Pro earphones is neat and sleek. The headband has a stylish Treblab logo on top of it.

The right ear cup stands out with a touch-sensitive area, acting like a control hub for your music. Here, you can tap or swipe to manage playback, adjust volume, or skip tracks.

On the right side of the headphones, you’ll also find some physical buttons. There’s one for noise cancellation, power, and syncing with your devices via Bluetooth.

They’ve also thought about the times when you might need to plug in directly – there’s a 3.5mm auxiliary port right there. Plus, the right side also hosts the status LED, main microphone, and other key features of the Z7 Pro.

The left side keeps things simple. It has a charging LED and a USB-C charging port, making charging a breeze. TREBLAB skipped any fancy logos on the earpieces, keeping it minimal and clean.

What’s practical about these headphones is how they fold up. This makes them easy to store and carry around in the included hardshell case. You can fold the ear cups and spin them around so that you can lay them flat on a surface. That’s handy for when you want to keep them safe in their case or pop them in your bag.

Touch Controls

Now, let’s talk about the controls. The right earpiece is like a DJ booth for your music. You can double-tap to play or pause, and this works for answering or ending phone calls too. Swipe up or down to change the volume, or swipe back and forth to replay or skip tracks. Holding the touch panel can bring up voice assistants or reject incoming calls.

These controls are easy to use and never feel complicated. Treblab designed them well, ensuring you can use them without a hassle.

Still, the touch accuracy is not 100%. So if, like me, you’re not a fan of touch controls, you can resort to using the physical buttons on the right earcup to control your Z7 Pro. Alternatively, you can fire up the voice assistant and execute various commands through Google or Siri. However, that’s also a hit or miss; you may have to repeat the command a few times before the headphones execute it.

Performance & Features

The Z7 Pro wireless headphones give you much to unpack regarding performance and features.

Auto-Play for Effortless Music Experience

The Z7 Pro has an auto-play feature that kicks in when you put them on. When they detect you wearing them, your music or podcast starts playing, offering a seamless and convenient audio experience. I love this feature, as you don’t have to fiddle with the buttons or controls if you need to take the headphones off and speak to someone quickly. The music turns off automatically, detecting that you aren’t wearing the headphones anymore.

Ambient Sound Mode

While the Z7 Pro is capable of impressive ANC, it also offers a transparency mode (called Ambient Mode here) that allows you to hear the ambient sound around you. This mode allows external sounds to be heard while still enjoying your audio.

One cool thing TREBLAB included here is using a specific gesture to turn on Ambient sound. When someone approaches you, and you want to hear what they’re saying, you don’t have to take your headphones off anymore. Simply cover the right earcup with your hand, and this will lower the music volume and turn on the Ambient mode.

Call Quality

One significant aspect of any pair of headphones is call quality. The Z7 Pro is decent in this department, ensuring crystal-clear calls. The built-in microphones and noise cancellation technology work together to reduce ambient noise, making your voice crisp and distinct during calls.

Multipoint Technology for Enhanced Connectivity

The Z7 Pro headphones utilize multipoint technology, enabling you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This means you can switch between your smartphone and laptop seamlessly without the need to disconnect and reconnect. In my experience, this feature can improve your productivity greatly.

No Dedicated App

One thing that may disappoint you is the lack of a dedicated app for Android or iPhone that allows you to control and use the equalizer to customize your sound. On the other hand, if you don’t want to download “yet another app” onto your smartphone, this may be seen as a plus.

Sound Quality

The Treblab Z7 Pro wireless headphones boast a dynamic sound profile characterized by a bass-forward signature, a result of the powerful pairing of a 40mm driver and Qualcomm aptX HD chipset. This combination creates a vibrant, bass-heavy soundstage that complements a wide array of music genres. The headphones deliver punchy, warm lows and crisp mids, showcasing the headphones’ ability to handle varied musical preferences.

The headphones truly shine in the realm of bass-heavy tunes. They handle the guitar riffs and screeching vocals equally well, so you can enjoy being fully immersed in your music.

However, when you switch to jazz records, the Z7 Pro headphones reveal a minor drawback. While the mid-range and vocals are notable, the high-end lacks the refinement found in more finely-tuned headphones from brands like Bose or Sony. While these headphones are bass-heavy, they’re certainly missing some clean treble as well.

Another option I found lacking is using the aux cable, as it can compromise the sound quality and volume. If you want to experience the full potential of the Z7 Pro headphones, I recommend sticking to the wireless connectivity.

Overall, the Treblab Z7 Pro headphones offer a decent sound experience, especially for those inclined toward bass-heavy music.

Battery Life

When compared to wireless earbuds, wireless headphones have two main advantages: superior sound quality and longer battery life. These are both true for the Z7 Pro.

These headphones have a powerful, quick charge feature, meaning you don’t have to spend hours waiting for your headset to recharge. When fully charged, the Z7 Pro can deliver up to 30 hours of playtime with ANC activated. You can extend this time by 45 hours by turning off the ANC feature.

Thanks to the fast charging, when the battery hits zero, you can get an extra 5 hours of use with just a quick charge of 20 minutes.

Should You Buy the Treblab Z7 Pro Hybrid ANC Headphones?

The Treblab Z7 Pro is a solid choice for anyone looking for a pair of headphones that offers high-end features without asking you to overpay for them. They come with a long battery life, an array of useful automation features, impressive ANC, and deliver a pretty great sound.

On a personal note, if you have a smaller head and often struggle to pick the right headband, you’re more likely to find the Z7 Pro comfortable and suitable for you.

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