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Blocking AI porn, and brain data privacy

The news: The popular AI image generator Midjourney bans a wide range of words about the human reproductive system from being used as prompts, MIT Technology Review has discovered. What’s included? The list of banned words seem to skew predominantly female, including terms such as “placenta,” “fallopian tubes,” and “mammary glands.” The company says it’s […]

Chinese gamers are using a Steam wallpaper app to get porn past the censors

Online porn is banned in China, so people there have to get creative to access it. Steam is one of the only popular global platforms still available in the country, and its community features, international high-speed servers, and increasingly hands-off approach when it comes to sexual content have made it an inevitable choice. Chinese users […]

Why Should You Learn Digital Marketing Course?

learn digital marketing course

You might be aware of Marketing. But, What is Digital Marketing? and How Digital marketing can help you to build your Professional Career in this Digital World? Basically, Digital Marketing is a marketing method to promote any products & services through online platforms like social media and other websites. There are many career opportunities in Digital Marketing Field. Digital marketing is […]

There’s a gig worker sized hole in Biden’s vaccine mandate plan

Falling through the gaps: As we’ve written before, paid time off may be one of the best vaccine incentives. But again, Biden’s order only covers larger employers of 100 or more. Gig workers aren’t mentioned in the policy, even though they stand to benefit the most from policies that would offset the loss of hourly […]

100 Inspirational Quotes – Positive Motivational Life Quotes

Inspirational and motivational quotes can help us create a positive outlook on life and work when we need it most. They do so by harnessing the power of positive thinking. Reframing our brains to think positively is a key step in leading a happy and successful life. You make a choice when you decide how […]

Can you spot the fake receptor? The coronavirus can’t either.

As covid-19 continues to evolve in the US, researchers are now developing the next generation of therapeutics, including a new approach that could help reduce the time it takes to recover from the disease. While existing treatments include antivirals, antibodies, and steroids, scientists in the US and Europe are now focusing on creating decoys of […]