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5 Proven but Ignored Secrets to Breaking Old Habits

Let me guess, you’re trying to break an old habit, and right now — you’re fuming. Your plans of exercising, eating healthier, procrastinating less have failed again. Instead, you’re back to sofa lounging, TV-watching, and fast-food feasts. It is one thing to understand how important good habits are to your health, happiness, professional success. Sure, […]

Improve Your Concentration By Writing Your Goals Down

Mindset is everything, and that includes improving your concentration. You can accomplish anything you want when you are fueled by a positive, inspired mindset. On the flip side, life becomes hard when your mind is unfocused and clouded with negative thoughts. You feel like the world is against you and that you can’t do anything. […]

How Being Mindful Protects Against Stress And Anxiety

When you see people sitting cross-legged, palms up, and in a seemingly peaceful trance, you may wonder whether the benefits of mindful meditation are real. Is it just a handy placebo effect for some new-age believers? Trying to meditate for the first time can seem impossible, so it’s understandable you’d feel that nagging doubt. However, […]