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4 Action Steps To Overcoming Doubt

I have seen many clients during my 20-year career as a psychologist struggle with the negative effects of holding onto self-doubt. You can almost see it draining their energy and depleting them physically, cognitively, and emotionally. There Is Nothing Healthy or Productive About Holding onto Doubt Holding onto feelings of doubt affects your physical health. […]

50 Men in Black Quotes From the Sci-Fi Comedy Series

Enjoy reading through these Men in Black quotes from the science fiction action comedy films. Men in Black, stylized as MIB, is a series of American science fiction action comedy films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and based on the Malibu/Marvel comic book series The Men in Black by Lowell Cunningham. The comic book series itself is based […]

How To Change Your Perspective on Budgeting

As an Accredited Financial Counselor with over five years of experience helping clients create, and maintain household budgets, I have seen many clients fail. They cannot reach their full financial potential because of one very simple reason: a toxic attitude. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the word ‘budget’ has a negative connotation and feels very restrictive […]