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50 Heart of Darkness Quotes From The Novella About The Horrors of Imperialism and Racism

Heart of Darkness is a novella published in 1889 by Polish-English novelist Joseph Conrad. The book has been a timeless success and has been republished and translated into many languages. Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 film Apocalypse Now, was inspired by Heart of Darkness. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked Heart of Darkness 67th on their list of the 100 […]

50 Watchmen Quotes From The Greatest Graphic Novel Of All Time

Let these 50 Watchmen quotes remind you why it’s the greatest graphic novel of all time. This classic story captured the hearts and minds of readers because it transcends era or genre. Watchmen has it all: complex characters, unique protagonists, moral dilemmas, iconic art, and authentic concerns that we deal with in our reality. Some readers simplify […]

50 Family Guy Quotes That Push Comedic Boundaries

Have a laugh while you check out these 50 Family Guy quotes that remind us of the importance of pushing boundaries. Cancel culture blatantly challenges statements or actions deemed offensive and inappropriate. Family Guy debuted in 1999 and has not stopped making over-the-top comedy their trademark. In spite of increased awareness and inclusion practices, Family Guy remains relevant as […]