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Important Things You Need to Know Beforehand

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone plan for your parents, grandparents, or someone within the senior demographic, you may have come across Consumer Cellular during your search for a company to trust. Consumer Cellular is a company that aims to provide flexible and straightforward plans to those who aren’t the techiest or those who […]

How to Create and Use AutoText in Microsoft Word

Word processors have come a long way since the early 1980s when Microsoft first released Microsoft Word for MS-DOS. Its groundbreaking feature was that it was designed to be used with a mouse. Today’s versions of Microsoft Word include features users couldn’t even imagine back then, including using Microsoft Word’s AutoText capability in order to […]

What Is the Software Reporter Tool in Chrome and How to Disable It

Have you ever wondered how your installation of Google Chrome always seems to stay updated and patched on its own?  This is accomplished through Google Chrome’s own embedded processes that reach out to Google servers and ensure your browser is patched and safe. However, there’s another process that Chrome kicks off regularly that isn’t quite […]

Machine-learning project takes aim at disinformation

There’s nothing new about conspiracy theories, disinformation, and untruths in politics. What is new is how quickly malicious actors can spread disinformation when the world is tightly connected across social networks and internet news sites. We can give up on the problem and rely on the platforms themselves to fact-check stories or posts and screen […]

What India needs to get through its covid crisis

Damage control With the humanitarian crisis in India worsening, immediate and aggressive measures are needed to stabilize the situation and buy time for vaccine production to ramp up. The crisis is already spreading beyond India’s borders and will require coordinated global action. Speed is critical. As Michael Ryan of the World Health Organization noted in […]

How to Change Alexa Language to Spanish and Other Languages

Would you prefer Alexa speak a language other than English? As of March 2020, Alexa can speak in eight different languages. Whether you’re a native speaker or you just prefer to hear a different language, you can choose which language you want Alexa to communicate with. Amazon makes it easy to change Alexa’s language. There […]