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There’s a gig worker sized hole in Biden’s vaccine mandate plan

Falling through the gaps: As we’ve written before, paid time off may be one of the best vaccine incentives. But again, Biden’s order only covers larger employers of 100 or more. Gig workers aren’t mentioned in the policy, even though they stand to benefit the most from policies that would offset the loss of hourly […]

A customer-centric approach is key in a post-pandemic world

Quoting Vladimir Lenin, Bill Kanarick describes the tectonic industry shifts brought on by the pandemic: “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” After months of hunkering down at home, consumers got used to online shopping, telehealth doctor’s appointments and contactless and curbside pickup, effectively doubling e-commerce sales in the […]

NASA is going to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid. Things might get pretty chaotic.

Led by Harrison Agrusa from the University of Maryland, researchers modeled how much DART might change the spin or rotation of Dimorphos by calculating how the momentum of the impact will alter the asteroid’s roll, pitch, and yaw. The results could be dramatic. “It could start tumbling and enter a chaotic state,” says Agrusa. “This […]

Can you spot the fake receptor? The coronavirus can’t either.

As covid-19 continues to evolve in the US, researchers are now developing the next generation of therapeutics, including a new approach that could help reduce the time it takes to recover from the disease. While existing treatments include antivirals, antibodies, and steroids, scientists in the US and Europe are now focusing on creating decoys of […]

8 Ways to Get More Credits on Audible

Amazon’s audiobook library, Audible, is one of the world’s largest audiobook services. For a monthly subscription, Audible enables users to listen to selected audiobooks on their chosen device. To access audiobooks that aren’t included in the subscription, books need to be purchased with either money or Audible credits.  Most audiobooks on Audible cost 1 credit […]

People are hiring out their faces to become deepfake-style marketing clones

Liri can juggle so many jobs, in multiple countries, because she has hired out her face to Hour One, a startup that uses people’s likenesses to create AI-voiced characters that then appear in marketing and educational videos for organizations around the world. It is part of a wave of companies overhauling the way digital content […]