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Microsoft Outlook Not Responding? 8 Fixes to Try

Is Microsoft Outlook crashing intermittently when you open the app on your Windows computer? Does the app occasionally freeze and display a “Microsoft Outlook Not Responding” alert at random intervals? In this tutorial, you’ll learn why Microsoft Outlook fails to respond in Windows and eight potential fixes to the problem. 1. Force Close and Reopen […]

A gene-edited pigs heart has been transplanted into a human for the first time

The news: A pig’s heart has been transplanted into a human being for the first time. A man with terminal heart disease named David Bennett Sr received a transplant of a genetically-modified pig heart during an eight-hour operation on Friday January 7 at the University of Maryland Medical Center, which issued a statement last night. […]

How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x97e107df

Although the days of Xbox Live outages are all but gone, there are still numerous errors users might encounter while playing online. One of the most common–and most frustrating–is the Xbox error code 0x97E107DF. This code typically indicates a licensing validation error. In practice, this means the Xbox can’t launch a digital game or application. […]

First for software, agile is a boon to manufacturing

The company concentrated on solving the most challenging problems in the early design phase with sprints as a team and then moved into smaller groups for detailed design efforts. They used fast feedback loops in simulation and testing to improve the design before going into production.  This focus on agile development and manufacturing helped Zipline […]

Competitive e-cycling on Zwift lets you be a champion from your apartment

To support MIT Technology Review’s journalism, please consider becoming a subscriber. Ultimately, Zwift’s founders hope this new form of competitive cycling will one day appear at the Olympics—which could happen if the Olympic cycling body, the UCI, were to lend its backing. Things are arguably moving in this direction already. Last June Zwift made its […]

How to Download and Use Shaders for Minecraft

The base Minecraft game isn’t the most attractive thing from a graphical standpoint, but it’s incredibly customizable. Modders and independent coders have transformed Minecraft from its standard version into something breathtaking. Minecraft shaders are the key to this. You can find and download shaders for Minecraft throughout the internet, but there’s more required than just […]