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How To Remove Default Microsoft Apps in Windows 11/10

Microsoft continues its long history of including a lot of apps we don’t need in Windows 11. It’s sometimes called bloatware. So enterprising people continue their long history of finding ways to remove default Microsoft apps on Windows 11/10. Why? Because fewer unnecessary apps in Windows 11 make for a faster Windows 11. Remove Default […]

Digital twins improve real-life manufacturing

Real-world data paired with digital simulations of products—digital twins—are providing valuable insights that are helping companies identify and resolve problems before prototypes go into production and manage products in the field, says Alberto Ferrari, senior director of the Model-Based Digital Thread Process Capability Center at Raytheon.  “As they say, ‘All the models are wrong, but […]

The Blue Technology Barometer | MIT Technology Review

About the Index The Blue Technology Barometer is a ranking of 66 coastal countries and territories on their progress and commitment toward protecting ocean sustainability. It measures the degree to which economies are prioritizing the protection of ocean health, through sustainable marine activity, blue innovation, and policy implementation. Methodology The Blue Technology Barometer measures the […]

Can’t Remove a Printer in Windows 10/11? How To Force Remove It

Are you experiencing an issue where you can’t remove a printer from your Windows 10 or 11 PC? Chances are something is wrong with your system’s configuration. Luckily, you can tweak a few options and remove the stubborn printer from your computer. You can perform all these procedures by yourself without hiring tech assistance. Use […]

7 Underground Torrent Sites and Search Engines To Get Cheap Stuff

Torrent sites and underground search engines offer an alternative to the otherwise dull search engines that people have got accustomed to.  However, most of these sites are dangerous due to privacy risks and having your devices infected with viruses or spyware in exchange for cheap or free downloads of files that aren’t readily available over […]

Why It’s So Hard to Recover Deleted Data on Android and What to Do About It

When it comes to Android data recovery, a quick Google search returns many scams, misinformation, and malware posing as recovery tools. Many people accidentally delete important files, and unfortunately, there are many out there who would try to profit from their misfortune.  But it isn’t all bad news. In this article, we’ll explain what kind […]

An Afghan Coding Bootcamp Becomes a Lifeline Under Taliban Rule

Four months after the Afghan government fell to the Taliban, 22-year-old Asad Asadullah had settled into a new routine.  In his hometown in Afghanistan’s northern Samangan province, the former computer science student started and ended each day glued to his laptop screen.  Since late October, Asadullah had been participating in a virtual coding bootcamp organized […]

The biggest technology failures of 2021

The drug, sold by Biogen, is an antibody that attaches to brain plaques. Aduhelm flopped in a large human trial, which showed no concrete benefit to patients with the brain disease. Yet the company and the US Food and Drug Administration decided to move forward in June, over the objections of the agency’s expert advisors. […]