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Belarusian hackers are turning the country’s surveillance state against it

In exchange, BYPOL has access to material from the Cyber Partisans to help them conduct investigations into the regime, which are then published on BYPOL’s own Telegram channel. Those investigations have been popular and successful, and one of their documentaries was cited during an American congressional hearing on Belarus which took place shortly before the […]

In the data decade, data can be both an advantage and a burden

In 2016, Dell Technologies commissioned our first Digital Transformation Index (DT Index) study to assess the digital maturity of businesses around the globe. We have since commissioned the study every two years to track businesses’ digital maturity. Sam Grocott is Senior Vice President of Business Unit Marketing at Dell Technologies. Our third installment of the […]

Is Ginkgo Bioworks synthetic biology story worth $15 billion?

“Times must be good when a young biotech company can afford to hire people to write unrelated magazine-style articles,” snarked Dirk Haussecker, a savvy biotech stock picker who is active on Twitter. Kelly says the magazine was inspired by Think, a periodical printed by IBM starting in the 1930s. “Why did they do that? Well, […]

How—and why—the Taliban won Afghanistan’s high-tech war

For the coalition, things were quite different. Western forces did have access to a wide range of world-class technology, from space-based surveillance to remotely operated systems like robots and drones. But for them, the war in Afghanistan was not a war of survival; it was a war of choice. And because of this, much of […]

Ultimate Windows 10 WiFi Troubleshooting Guide

If you recently installed or updated Windows 10, you might experience some WiFi issues. We’re here to help! Wireless networking problems are particularly annoying because there are so many things that can cause them. Maybe you’re missing a driver or your computer’s power options aren’t properly set. Did you check the wireless switch (if you […]

Mesh Network vs. Wi-Fi Extender vs. Access Points: Which Is Better?

Having an internet connection is vital to almost everything we do these days. Thanks to home automation, streaming services, and personal smart devices, it’s important to cover your entire home or workplace with good connectivity.  There are multiple options when it comes to blanketing your environment in internet coverage. Mesh networks, Wi-Fi extenders, and access […]