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How To Properly Setup Recovery and Backup Options for Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication enabled for your online accounts, you have peace of mind knowing that nobody else can access your accounts. When you configure this mechanism for your accounts, you should also configure the backup and recovery options for two-factor authentication. That way, if you ever get locked out of your accounts and don’t have […]

How To Track Changes in Word (Online, Mobile, and Desktop)

The ability to track changes in word processing documents was a game-changing innovation. Microsoft Word was at the forefront of that advancement, and users of Word have taken advantage of the feature ever since.  The track changes feature is now considered standard in any word processing app. We’ll show you how to track changes in […]

The China Initiative’s first academic guilty verdict raises more questions than it answers

Recently former DOJ officials involved in the program, among others, have called for an end to the effort or a significant change in its focus. Testifying on the matter before Congress, Attorney General Merrick Garland promised that the Justice Department would be carrying out a review of the program.  Given this context, “if there had […]

Day Zero still looms over Cape Town

The private sector is not necessarily waiting for the city to remedy its water woes. The wine industry, for example, was hit exceptionally hard by the drought. Since then, many vineyards have established state-of-the-art water management systems designed around the concept of self-sufficiency. Tactics include reusing treated wastewater, collecting rainwater, and using elaborate irrigation systems […]

Most of us will first experience climate change through water.

As we were closing this issue, I came across a video on Twitter of a highway just outside Vancouver, submerged in water. It wasn’t the only one. The densely populated urban heart of British Columbia was cut off from the rest of Canada by flooding and mudslides after an atmospheric river barreled through. The country’s […]