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How to Use Google Family Calendar to Keep Your Family On Time

Having a family today is almost as difficult as running a business. There are errands to run, a budget to maintain, and endless appointments and events to keep track of. Between attending games, doctor appointments, and school events, it can feel a bit overwhelming. If you already use Google Calendar, you will be pleased to […]

Afghanistan had a plan to free itself from cash. Now it risks running out.

It was an important project: the Afghan economy runs on cash, and only an estimated 10 to 15% of citizens have a bank account. APS was meant to help Afghanistan become less cash-dependent, make economic transactions more secure and efficient, and bring real banking to more people. And, says Khademi, it was moving fast before […]

Chinese astronomers want to build an observatory in the Tibetan Plateau

More than 2.5 miles in altitude, Lenghu “has been known to have unusually clear skies,” says Licai Deng, a scientist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a coauthor of the new study. “At the same time, the Lenghu area has a spectacular landscape similar to Mars.” Deng says the local government, which is eager to […]

Solar panels are a pain to recycle. These companies are trying to fix that.

Expanding solar-power production is key to reducing emissions worldwide. Globally, solar panels produced 720 terawatt-hours of energy in 2019, accounting for around 3% of the world’s electricity generation. And it took about 46 million metric tons of solar panels to do it. About 8 million metric tons of decommissioned solar panels could accumulate globally by […]

How the world already prevented far worse warming this century

But the virtues of the agreement, ultimately ratified by every country, are more widespread than its impact on the ozone hole. Many of those chemicals are also powerful greenhouse gases. So as a major side benefit, their reduction over the last three decades has already eased warming and could cut as much as 1 ˚C […]

Build your strategic defense against cybercriminals

With the rise of ransomware attacks and cybercrime in the headlines week after week, fighting cybercriminals takes a multi-faceted approach that’s not just the realm of the CTO, but of every business leader.  There is no time to waste in ensuring that your organization’s cyber-resiliency strategy is on the right path.  Join us at CyberSecure, MIT Technology Review’s […]