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5 educational apps for modern teachers

In recent years, the education sector has been timidly showing some digitalization in its teaching tools. Thanks to teacher apps, there has been an adaptation to online learning while maintaining education quality. Now, both teachers and students must know the different platforms and the most innovative applications to make classes, exams, or teamwork efficient. Therefore, […]

Transforming the energy industry with AI

However, most companies don’t have the resources to implement sophisticated AI programs to stay secure and advance digital capabilities on their own. Irrespective of size, available budget, and in-house personnel, all energy companies must manage operations and security fundamentals to ensure they have visibility and monitoring across powerful digital tools to remain resilient and competitive. […]

How to Transfer and Sync Data Across Different Cloud Platforms?

While both Dropbox and OneDrive are excellent cloud storage services, many people keep switching between both systems. Both cloud storages have their unique features. Their users love them both. Many users keep changing from Dropbox to OneDrive and from OneDrive to Dropbox for more storage greed. Moreover, people switch between two cloud services, and they […]

Why Trump’s last-minute cyber order could have limited impact

The news: Hours before leaving the presidency, Donald Trump issued an executive order that requires American cloud computing companies to do more to verify the identities of their foreign customers. The stated aim is to help prevent hacking operations against the United States, although the timing and scope of the order mean it is surrounded […]

How to Remove Chrome Managed By Your Organization

Do you keep seeing a “Managed by your organization” message when opening the browser menu in Google Chrome? That’s typical if the desktop device is part of a corporate network; system administrators often deploy policies to manage browser settings and permissions remotely. Sometimes, though, the “Managed by your organization” message can show up on your […]