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Banks need to strike the right balance for digital transformation

Every financial institution is looking to digital transformation to meet rising customer expectations for speed and convenience, lower its operating cost, and fend off competition, including from tech companies moving into financial services. Some are spending over 10% of yearly revenue on technology investments, according to Bloomberg. “This is a huge investment and most financial […]

Worried about your firm’s AI ethics? These startups are here to help.

Parity is among a growing crop of startups promising organizations ways to develop, monitor, and fix their AI models. They offer a range of products and services from bias-mitigation tools to explainability platforms. Initially most of their clients came from heavily regulated industries like finance and health care. But increased research and media attention on […]

These five AI developments will shape 2021 and beyond

The year 2020 was profoundly challenging for citizens, companies, and governments around the world. As covid-19 spread, requiring far-reaching health and safety restrictions, artificial intelligence (AI) applications played a crucial role in saving lives and fostering economic resilience. Research and development (R&D) to enhance core AI capabilities, from autonomous driving and natural language processing to […]

6 High Tech Cooking Gadgets to Cook a Better Meal

In 2020, many people were inspired to try cooking at home, especially because so many restaurants were closed. In that time, many discovered the kitchen is not their friend–but that doesn’t mean they can’t cook a delicious meal. There are plenty of smart cooking gadgets out available that will help even the most culinarily-challenged individual […]

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth – How He Became so Rich

Dan Bilzerian is a world-famous capitalist, actor, and gambler who comes from the United States of America. But, social media is the actual reason behind his huge popularity. He is also known as the “Instagram King”, where he has more than 30 million followers who are crazy about his super lavish and luxurious lifestyle. There […]

New Year, New TV? Samsung to Make your Dream Reality

Samsung, one of India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has given an incredible New Year’s gift to its patrons. Dubbed “Samsung Big TV Offers,” the promotion will see potential buyers enjoy lucrative discounts and offer on a wide-range of large-screen Samsung smart televisions. This promotion will be valid until January 31, 2021, and can be availed […]