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4 Best Programs To Turn Your PC Into a Streaming Media Center

Windows offered media center software that gave users a central place to organize all their videos, images, and music to establish a home theater setup.  Unfortunately, Windows Media Center has been discontinued, and Windows 10 and Windows 11 users must use an external program to have a media center. However, it is essential to note […]

Cryptocurrency isn’t private—but with know-how, it could be

There’s probably no such thing as perfect privacy and security online. Hackers regularly breach corporate firewalls to gain customers’ private information, and scammers constantly strive to trick us into divulging our passwords. But existing tools can provide a high level of privacy—if we use them correctly, says Mashael Al Sabah, a cybersecurity researcher at the […]

Conception: How Silicon Valley hatched a plan to turn blood into lab-made human eggs

A few years ago, a young man from California’s technology scene began popping up in the world’s leading developmental biology labs. These labs were deciphering the secrets of embryos and had a particular interest in how eggs are formed. Some thought if they discovered that recipe, they would be able to copy it and transmute […]

The 9 Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

The Android Operating System (OS) is known to give users the ability to personalize their smartphone’s interfaces. You can choose to activate built-in themes on your phone, install third-party launchers, icon packs, or set whatever image you want as your home screen and lock screen wallpapers.  While your usual wallpapers are already aesthetically pleasing, live […]

The Glasgow climate talks will fall short. Here are other ways to accelerate global progress.

Thousands of delegates will amass in Glasgow, Scotland, in the coming days for the annual UN climate conference, where they’ll spend two weeks squabbling over a lengthy list of action items that add up to a single question: How much faster will the world move to prevent catastrophic warming this century? If history is any […]

Podcast: How pricing algorithms learn to collude

Algorithms now determine how much things cost. It’s called dynamic pricing and it adjusts according to current market conditions in order to increase profits. The rise of e-commerce has propelled pricing algorithms into an everyday occurrence—whether you’re shopping on Amazon, booking a flight, hotel or ordering an Uber. In this continuation of our series on […]

Robo-taxis are headed for a street near you

In the coming years, mobility solutions—or how we get from point A to point B—will bridge the gap between ground and air transportation—yes, that means flying cars. Technological advancements are transforming mobility for people and, leading to unprecedented change. Nand Kochhar, vice president of automotive and transportation for Siemens Software says this transformation extends beyond […]