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cybersecurity’s next act, and mass protests in China

In the world of cybersecurity, there is always one certainty: more hacks. That is the unavoidable constant in an industry that will spend an estimated $150 billion worldwide this year without being able, yet again, to actually stop hackers. This past year has seen Russian government hacks aimed at Ukraine; more ransomware against hospitals and […]

What are quantum-resistant algorithms—and why do we need them?

Luckily, symmetric-key encryption methods are not in danger because they work very differently and can be secured by simply increasing the size of the keys they use—that is, unless mathematicians can come up with a way for quantum computers to break those as well. But even increasing the key size can’t protect existing public-key encryption […]

Apple defends its new anti-child abuse tech against privacy concerns

Following this week’s announcement, some experts think Apple will soon announce that iCloud will be encrypted. If iCloud is encrypted but the company can still identify child abuse material, pass evidence along to law enforcement, and suspend the offender, that may relieve some of the political pressure on Apple executives.  It wouldn’t relieve all the […]